BBQ Gestapo Goes Down In Flames (With Q-View)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tx smoker, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. There is a certain irony (and pun intended) in the subject. As many of you already know the BBQ Gestapo paid me a visit and told me I couldn't use my grill or smoker on the patio of my rental house any more. Nothing that makes a flame is allowed and both units are far too heavy to roll into the yard every day to cook dinner. My beloved stick burner is now in moth balls until I finish building my new house and I bought an electric smoker to tide me over until then. I did my first cook on it yesterday after a couple of dry runs to get a feel for how it worked. I didn't want to take a chance trashing several hundred dollars worth of meat if things didn't work out right so I kept the first run to just a couple racks of baby backs. Here is the incriminating evidence:

    Ribs rubbed and hitting the smoker

    A special treat for the Executive Chef

    Three hours of smoke. Time to wrap and put back on

    Some squeeze butter and a very light sprinkle of dark bown sugar

    Ribs are back on. The Executive Chef is taking a ittle break to enjoy the view

    Two hours in the foil. Now to lightly baste with sauce for the finishing glaze then back on for an hour.

    The finished product.

    Sliced and ready to eat.

    All in all I am happy with the first run. They aren't as good as what I have been cooking on the offset but that's to be expected. The ribs had a little bit too much smoke and didn't cook down as much as I would have liked. Those are easy adjustments to make though. I will be doing a 12 pound shoulder roast today for pulled pork and having a couple of good friends over. We'll see how that turns out.

    Quick summary: Even the Gestapo can't defeat pure determintation :yahoo::yahoo:

    Still cooking in Cedar Park,
  2. awesome way to follow the rules!
  3. Those are some mighty nice lookin Ribs TX.

    And way to put the BBQ Gestapo in their place.

    Happy Smokin'

  4. Robert

    Glad to see your getting your smoke fix. The long smokes should give them a chance to smell the goodness. Then make sure you tell them, It would be so much better if you could fire up the stickburner... Maybe they will come around.....If not enjoy what you have.

    Happy smoken.

  5. Looks good, different heat source will produce a different product. owning a smoker just two months, I have found that out in different things I have seen on this forum and other sites I visited.  I trust you will get used to this electric world and when you do finally get into the new digs, it will be a smoker you take with you and use often.

    And like I said in another post here, The last place on this planet I would expect to see BBQ Gestapo would be in Texas.  What is this world coming to?
  6. jarjarchef

    jarjarchef Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Way to go! Looks great!

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