BBQ for 40 people?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sniltz, Aug 25, 2016.

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    I've been ask to cook for our Sunday School summer party and I was wandering how many Boston Butts, whole chickens, and spare ribs to buy? We are planning on 40 people attending.
    We are having sides, brought I'm just supplying the meat. Thanks
  2. I am sure everyone will want a sample of each meat so that might be hard knowing how much to make. If you only did one meat it would be easier to figure out how much to make.
    I think I would make 5 racks of ribs and cut them up between every bone. I would think 3 butts would be enough. I would think 3 chickens would be enough unless youins like chicken more than pork. I always like leftovers!!
    Have fun.
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    Average butt loses around 50% about 4-6 oz servings would be 15 # of finished pork so 35-40# pork butt. Ribs how are you cutting them single bone, thirds or quarters? I'd go singles and go 2-3 bones per person assuming your planning on everyone having some of everything to be safe. How are you serving the chickens pulled or pieces? I would do pieces personally and 8 whole chickens would be 64 pieces or approximately 1.5 pieces per person. By the time everyone has sides that should be plenty of food. Are there kids coming? You may just want to give them hot dogs and nuggets depending on there ages.

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