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Discussion in 'Pork' started by new2que, May 26, 2011.

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    Ok guys,

    It's been way too long, most have probably forgotten the name "new2que" that stalked the threads of SMF, but he (Jarod actually) is back!  This weekend my family and I have entered for the second year a Memorial Day bbq competition. 

    Friday night will be they "anything Butt" where we can create and sell anything except pork butt for our own profit.  Last year we did a "everything's a dollar" theme and sold pulled chicken/chopped pork loin tacos, cowboy beans, homemade mini strawberry pies (Local and in season in the great state of South Carolina).  We dominated the crowds so we are doing the same thing again this year, except more meat.  I've bought 12 whole chickens and 3 monstrous pork loins. 

    Friday around 5pm we'll receive 12 pork butts to cook and turn in by 11am the next morning, talk about the race being on! There is no real time to rub them down and let the sit so we toss them right on.  This year we'll do 8 in our reverse flow and 4 in my "cocky" UDS. 

    My issue with this thing is that even though its "sanctioned by the SC BBQ Assoc", the judging of it is a joke.  Now i've competed in the Houston Livestock and Rodeo World Championship Cookoff and I see how the legit boys do it, but would you believe third place in this comp last year cooked their butts overnight in Crockpots????????  They pulled them and put them on the smoke for about 10 minutes before turning them in.  Also, they allow folks to sauce the meat they turn in.  I won't even get into the fact that they allow gas cookers (not that I have anything against them, just doesn't create a fair playing field). 

    So now that i've written a book, you guys will want some Qview.  Since my more recent posts i've gotten a much better phone with a 5mpx camera (not shabby for a phone) and will update as the event progresses.

    We'll also have some sausage, ribs, abts and more for the cooks to eat!
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    Good luck!! Sounds like a great time.
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    Good luck!

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