BBQ Chicken On The New Barrel

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by mcloven1t, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. mcloven1t

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    Posted a thread to show off my new barrel grill that I got off craigslist over in the "around the smoker" forum

    I plan to restore it so it looks brand new again, but til then I'm going to cook a few meals and knock the rust off my charcoal grilling skills

    Grilled some bbq chicken with Stubbs "Sticky Sweet" sauce, corn on the cob & sliced potatoes wrapped in foil.

    Tomorrows dinner will be the same sides, plus garlic bread with a Top Sirloin Steak
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  3. mcloven1t

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    Thanks Jimmy -- yea there's nothing wrong with it, I just plan to redo the outside. I found a couple rust spots here and there on the outer shell of the barrel that I'm going to sand down, and give the exterior a fresh coat of Black BBQ Paint. Then sand down the counters and re coat it with water seal.

    Just want to make it look like new again. Interior is in great shape, coal rack is pretty rusty but who cares, its for the coals. lol, and after hard scrubbing with low heat under the rack, I was able to get some surface rust off the cooking grates.

    I'll definitely try out that recipe you linked though, thanks :)

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