BBBB or Buckboard Bacon Beans

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  1. Beans are one of my specialities. I always get rave reviews but this new batch took them to new levels. I had some Buckboard Bacon I had thawed (ususally I use the ends from my bacon making) and decided to use the whole package. Picture has all the ingredients (DO NOT SALT UNTIL THE BEANS ARE OVER HALFWAY DONE)

    I really like the Anasazi Beans but if you can't get them where your are you can use regular pintos. I guess kidney beans would work also. I do red kidneys with my Andouille. The Anasazi beans are very creamy and cook quickly. I usually only soak them a couple of hours before cooking where I soak Pintos overnight.

    These can be an entire meal...Just grab the other 5 beers and your choice of bread (mine is my homemade Italian garlic bread)

    I used a little oil when browning the BBB and the onion since the BBB was fairly lean (no need to use the oil when using bacon scraps).
    Add 4-5 minced garlic cloves when the onions have softened.
    2 tsp of Mexican Oregano (I just use a couple of large pinches)
    Red Pepper flakes to taste ( I use about a tsp)
    GBP to taste (1-2 tsp)
    AGAIN: NO SALT until later.
    Add the soaked beans, beer and enough chicken broth to cover.
    Bring to a boil, lower to simmer, cover (give it a little gap to vent)
    Be sure to double check every 30 minutes or so and add additional broth or water to keep everything covered.
    Test for doneness and add salt to taste (I would say at the 2 hour point but use your own judgement.)
    Bean science is very inexact.
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    You ever smoke your beans?
  3. I have not. But I always use some meat that has been smoked to give them flavor.

    Here is a link to the Adobe Milling website. You can order from them online if you can't find them in stores. Our local grocery stores stock them.

    Be aware that during the recessionary times we find ourselves in, they can be quite a luxury. They cost $1.88 at my store where a pound of Pintos are $.79. I have chosen to splurge. I did notice that a 10 lb bag on the website was only $12. Did not check the shipping.
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    Those beans sound great! Thanks for the web-site - I see they have chili powders too which I think I mat just have to try. Can't get anything but commercial chili powders here in NJ!

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