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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by deek, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Alright everyone - first and foremost, thanks to all those who are on this forum.  Bear, your posts are excellent, and I'm now attempting to do my best Bear impersonation.  

    So, after two wet brine Pork Bellies before digging deep into this forum, I focused on Bear's Step by Step with Canadian Bacon.  Instead of Weber Kettle smoking, I bought a used Master Built 40, and the CB turned out great!  I went a day longer of cure than planned, but that had no ill affect for our outcome (that I know of).  

    Where I could use some assistance is - I'm having a hard time keeping the A-MZ-N Pellet Smoker lit in the Master Built. I don't think it's the pellets as this worked fine in my Kettle once I got a handle on location and airflow.  Where are you guys placing the AMZNPS?  Bear, it seems you use sawdust, and that isn't much of an option for me.  Currently using Cabela's Hickory Pellets.  The two locations I tried as at the very bottom of the MS40, and then on the first rack... I'm considering placing it on top of the hole where the water tray would be, and pull the pellet tube out of for airflow.  I imagine I would leave the vent on the top left wide open as well.  You guys are the experts, perhaps you can steer me a bit.  

    Currently, I'm curing two Boston Buttes.  I'm on day 10 of curing.  My plan is to pull & rinse the pork on day 13, Monday -- my concern is, my lovely wife has now made in-law plans for a vacation starting next Wednesday... which means if the BBB isn't ready... well, I won't waste time worrying about that just yet.  It would be excellent if someone can share what BBB tends to look like once cured so I can validate on Monday during fry test.  Going to try not to worry though :)

    Furthermore - How is the large side of the shoulder as BBB?  Bear, you made pulled pork with yours, but I'm thinking of doing all BBB, unless you guys advise otherwise.  I expected that I could find this on my own in the forum, but I've struck out.  I've got two Boston Buttes, cut the bone out and halved portions for curing (roughly 4.4# Fat Cap, 5.8#, 4.2# Fat Cap, and 4.6#) -- I'm thinking, why not BBB for all?  And am I correct that the Fat Cap is the smaller and obviously fattier side, right? 

    Sorry for the dozen questions, but I figured I'd get all the questions out there at once.  Thanks for having an awesome forum guys!  It's crazy that no one I've met knows what BBB is; I can't wait to taste it and share it with everyone around me (if it's good :)).  
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    Seems as though I was too wordy on the previous post. 

    1) What recommendations do you have on keeping the AMNPS lit/smoking when placed in the Master built 40? 

    2) Has anyone made bacon out of the total shoulder?  Does the larger side taste nearly as good as the fat cap side? 
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