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  1. I had been wanting to try BBB a long time and when Food Lion had butts and picnics at .99c/# I thought here is my chance. I ended up picking a  picnic but if I had to do it again I'd pick a shoulder as the picnic is too lean.

    I used Todd's recipe posted here:

    I used the "Cure With Maple Sugar" instead of the "Country Brown" mix that Todd used. Both can be bought at Butcher and Packer Supply. Both contain cure #1.

    De-boned and sliced in half. Skin removed

    In the cure, turned and massaged twice daily. 12 days to smoke time:

    Skin boiled and fat scraped. I cut into 2" pieces and deep fried for a treat :

    12 Days are up. After 20 minute soak, a salt/taste test. After test soaked for 15 more minutes:

    After drying in fridge for 3 days, (after one piece was doused with CBP) to get a nice pellicile,

    smoke time! 

    12 hour cold smoke split into a 3 hour evening, 5 hour morning then 4 hours evening smoke,

    completed last night. I split the smoking due to day time warmth. Used AMZNPS with apple

    and maple dust, internal grill temp never got above 80:

    This piece will be used as seasoning for greens. Lots of fresh CPB:

    After smoke, wrapped slabs in Saran Wrap and will wait four days. That WAS the plan

    had to sample today. Brown piece was very near the outside, just a bit smoky colored:

    A bit lean so I added a 1/4 teaspoon of bacon grease. Actually it did produce it's own

    grease along with the snap, crackle and pop like regular bacon. Thinner pieces got a bit crisp:

    The spices, garlic and cayenne came right out in the salt taste test. After the smoke, they were barely 

    discernible. The taste is very much like bacon with a texture of ham, sort of. I was very pleased and feel like

    I might be able to tackle a belly perhaps next fall when it gets cool again. 
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  2. [​IMG]Hawg.

    i see nothing wrong with it. your up for a belly. it's the same animal. just a differant cut. i have a belly in Pops cure now. i also make pork rind pellets with the skin. i have a post on here about making them. they always turn out good.

    happy smoken.


    a link to my pork rind pellets.
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    Looks real good from here, Gil !!!

    You're hooked on Great Bacon now.

    Maybe I can help you where you said "The spices, garlic and cayenne came right out in the salt taste test. After the smoke, they were barely 


    You could try that part my way----Just add the sugar with your cure.------Then add the spices, garlic and cayenne after you pat it dry, before you put it in the fridge to get the pellicle.

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    You know that if you eat BBB a few times in a row it becomes your favorite. Not bad for $.99 Lb. Looks great!

  5. Thanks fellas'.

    Bear I'll give that a try next time. Had a pile of it for breakfast this morning and it was really good. Wife feels like it tastes like ham to her. 
  6. Nice........[​IMG]
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    Nice looking BBB! It is our favorite bacon to make.

    Like Bear said applying the seasonings prior to the forming the pellicle is the way to go.

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