BBB and Boston Butt Ham

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    picked up a whole Boston Butt 14 days ago. Mixed up some of Pops brine cure (love this stuff thanks Pop). Deboned it and cut in half put in cure for 14 days took it out this morning got it all ready to go in the smoker. the BBB will beworm smoked for 6 hours then taken out to set over night in the frig and sliced tomorrow. Then i will raise the cc temp to about 225 so the ham will ether come up to slicing or pull temps not sure yet ill decide when it gets to about 180 to take it out or keep going to are a few pics more to come as this plays out.

    my smoker set up please over look the mess

    this is the boston butt ham

    the BBB all washed off and ready to get happy

    Doing a fry test it was just right with no soking

    the ham geting all happy add a touch of salt cbp onion powder 

    garlic powder and paprika fro

    the same for the BBB

    here the smoker getting all happy. in for an hour and a half 

    to dry out some the put the smoke to it. a mix of hickory and apple 

    more pics to come as this plays out 
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    thin blue smoke have to look close


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