BB/ #5 brisket same time???

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    i will be smoking my first small brisket (5 lb) along with 2 racks of BB ribs. My set up, mes 30", with the amps. I'm wanting to do them at the same time. Is this possible? I've been all over this site and I'm pretty sure I have the general technique down for the individual pieces but what should I do to get them done at the general same time?

    - good temp for both at the same time?
    - time per piece - brisket time at that weight and what temp pretty much determines the ribs going I assume
    - 3-2-1, 2-2-1, no foil for the ribs?
    - brisket on top ribs on bottom, vice versa?
    - any thing I might be missing?

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!!

    Awesome site and better ppl.. Love it. :grilling_smilie:
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    Wow, this post is almost two days old. 

    Mixing BBs and a chunk of tough beef is a bit of a challenge.  The BBs are a leaner cut of pork that can dry out quickly if smoked/cooked too long.  The brisket is filled with tough collagen fiber that has to melt to be succulent and juicy.  The brisket will take longer than the BBs, roughly twice as long. 

    2-2-1 is good for the BBs. 

    Here's what I'd do.  235-250F smoker temp.  Throw the brisket on four hours before you are going to put the BBs on.  When you add the BBs, wrap the brisket with a little liquid and insert the food probe.  When the brisket is done (200F or so IT and passes the toothpick test), take it out of the smoker and wrap it in towels and let it rest until the BBs are done and ready to serve. 

    Have fun!

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