Bayou Classic Needle Valve

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by boog22, Aug 9, 2015.

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    Anyone else have issues with this product? I ordered one from Amazon, issue is I didnt use it until about a month later. When I connected it I had major temp swings well beyond your normal. I would get ranges from 220-300 withing 30 minutes of each other.  One time I even had a fire at the base since the flames got out of control. I have since replaced with a standard hose again and my temps are great just cant get them under 200. I tried returning but it was past the return date.
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    Ok, my first question is, did you call the manufacturer and ask them about your problem?


    That would be my first step. You could have spider/dabbers in the line or plugging the jets. You could be trying to use  HP set up on a LP system, I have learned that one the hard way.  BUT if you had a month old Corvette, would you ask GM or the guys on a website when it doesn't run right? Try them first, we could well break your warranty trying to help.
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    A plain needle valve will not cause any of those problems. It is simply an adjustable flow orifice. I would say you have regulator or burner issues. Flame out back of burner sounds like a clogged burner tube. Variable temps sound like a pressure variation.


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