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  1. So, I am trying to replicate something similar to the Bavarian Smokies we get up here in the Great White North,predominant flavor is pepper and garlic

    Anyways, I googled all over the internet and found one that claims to be such a recipe, and found another recommendation that it might be a smoked bratwurst. Anyways, had a few other hickups along the way and came up with some good sausages, but not what I am looking for. Used a 4:1 ratio ground turkey to bacon fat.


    Got a new batch of casing, soaked and rinsed for 24 hours like normal, first batch was the smokie recipe, blowouts all over the place, gave up and threw them on the rack, not a good start. I think there wasn't enough water on the stuffing tube, so they were overstuffing, and burst when I started to link. No problems with the second batch, smoked bratwurst.

    Smokies and profile shot - also had a snowstorm, so got some dripping onto the sausage from the creosote...

    Smoked Bratwurst from lets make sausage, faily heavy on the nutmeg/mace flavors, added peeper and mustard seed as there was none in the recipe.

    The quest continues...
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    CDN, a few minor problems but it all looks good ![​IMG]
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    Well even with the blow outs they look tasty!

    My last batch of sausages I made I had some blow out issues using collagen casings. I'd blame it on the stuffer but in all reality I think it had more to do with the operator and maybe a few too many beers... Course it was my LEMon of a LEM stuffer so maybe all that water they had me add to my sausage mix was the problem!
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    here is a recipe i have made before, cant remember where it came from BUT it makes an awesome "smokie"  .... if you are going for that store bought flavour then this is for you. i make a big batch this time of year for fishing. everyone loves toasting them over the camp fire !!!!!

    good nuked up with a can of beans also....

    i am going to do some up tomorrow so will do the Q VIEW of the whole process.....

    Smokie Recipe:

    use 10 lbs of meat - any combination

    Grind meat in 3/16 grinder plate once

    Mix up - 2 C Soya Protein Concentrate

                 1 T Ground White Pepper

                 1 T Mace

                 1 t Ground Ginger

                 1 T Ground Nutmeg

                 5 T Salt

                 2 t Insta Cure ( Pink Salt )

    Blend in - 3 C Whole Milk - Ice Cold

                   3 Large Eggs

    Mix in seasoning and let stand in fridge for 24 hours or overnight

    If you want cheese smokies - add 1 lb of your favorite cheese.

    Bring internal temp to 160 then take out and spray with ice cold water until it reaches 100.  Then let hang at room temp for one hour or so to let it bloom.

    I mix them then make them and smoke the next day... works for me and i only have 1 clean up to bother with !!!!!


  5. Thanks Goliath, that is actually the recipe I used for the top sausages with all the blowouts. Maybe it wasn't what I was looking for because of the turkey. I seem to think they have too much nutmeg/mace flavor compared to the store bought ones. They are still really good though, o well, the experimenting is half the fun. 
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    the beauty is you can alter anything anyway one likes to......

    this recipe is quite close to the bulk smokies i buy up here at Safeway ... great on the stik and fire fishing.

    just cut back and add more of what ya like and do 5 lb batches. I CAN GUARANTEE you will never have trouble handing them out to the buzzards that flock around when the smoker is fired up if they are not to your taste

  7. Here is my recipe for canadian style smokies that i make .

    10Lb pork beef mix

    4TBS(65gr) sea salt

    2 level tsp cure #1

    1TBS (15gr) white sugar

    1TBS (7gr) garlic powder

    1TBS (5gr) onion powder

    1TBS (5gr) black pepper

    1/4 tsp cayenne powder

    1/2 tsp allspice

    1TBS (10gr) Paprika

    1/2 tsp celery salt

    1 cup soy powder or dry skim milk powder

    I have used this as a base and added cheese and bacon ends with great results.just cut the salt back a bit (to 55gr when i added 1,5 lb cheese and 1.5lb bacon)  Smoke for 4 hr then poach in 180* water bath until 152* internal temp..

    GOLIATH  i had a bunch made for my fishing trip to the Skeena mid July ...but the kids came home to visit on the weekend.
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    been so warm here we will be pushing the boats up the river by mid july ... 


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