Basic Pulled Pork Smoke

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    Thanks for the tips Chad, really appreciate it.  Here's my shoulder after almost 4 hours, currently around 145 degrees

  2. got a butt rubbed down and in the fridge right now, smeared the yellow mustard all over and tweaked some McCormick's Cowboy Rub.  plan on putting it on at about 10 pm for supper tomorrow.  i think Pecan will be the wood for this time.  My mouth is already watering....can someone point me towards a good slaw recipe to go with this?  i've never been happy with how mine turns out.  i prefer a vinegar slaw as opposed to a creamy one.
  3. 3 cups cabbage, thinly sliced (1 3 cups cole slaw mix)
    2 tbsp cilantro, chopped
    3 tbsp mayonnaise
    2 tbsp lime juice
    1.5 tsp sugar
    1 tsp finely chopped habanero or serrano chile
    Combine cole slaw mix, cilantro, mayonnaise, lime juice, sugar and habanero in a bowl.  Set aside.​
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  4. thanks!
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    I concur!

    Big Lew BBQ
  6. oh and i have some REALLY nasty peppers to use in that slaw too.  a couple slices of a Trinidad Moruga Satan outta do the trick!
  7. Followed your procedure...mostly. 

    The pulled pork came out most excellent. Used mesquite, would have preferred hickory, but that's all I had left.

     Had to share a pict.

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  8. Have not made one yet but will soon.
  9. "The Plateau" Very useful. I've made that mistake before. Temp stalls or drops and the first thing you think is...crank it up! If the smoke temp is good...its still cooking.

  10. The end result of following your directions. I had used a wild hog leg that i put in brine, then  put rub on and then put it in for the long smoke.

    Had no complaints and patience is the surely the key. Thanks for the info.
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    ONe trick I use is to remove the crispy cap of skin, scrape off the fat on the back, then using scissors, cut the rind into very thin strips and mix with the pulled pork.  Deelish !

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    Here is my recipe for coleslaw that goes very well with pulled pork. It has mayo, but is tart and acidic from the juice and not too sweet. Pile pork on bottom half of a nice potato roll, top with slaw and cap it off with the top half of the roll.

    1 bag of coleslaw mix

    3\4 cup  (More or Less)of mayo depending on whether they've cut down from 16 oz bags to 12 or 14 and according to your taste.

    zest & juice of one large lemon

    1 T sugar

    muddle the zest, juice, mayo and sugar in bottom of large serving bowl, Toss in the coleslaw mix.
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    I'm going for it this weekend..........
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    I started off with my butt rubbed 12 hours ahead and then on my BGE at 225. I was planning on pulling it off the smoker at 175 and tossing it wrapped in a cooler. While it was smoking I found this site and this article. After reading this, I put the pork back on the BGE after wrapping and left it on until 200. WOW! it was perfect! Next time I try the spray. THANKS for a great article

    BTW - Pix should be on another post when the moderators release it :)
  15. Looks delicious...Great job!.............[​IMG]
  16. I smoke my butts fat side up using apple wood for 6-8 hours with a basic sweet and a bit of salt rub, place in foil covered pan with additional scrap/left over rub in pan at 200 degrees overnight, remove from pan, pull pork, remove bones and excessive fat, bag and freeze, save juices in jar, remove fat from top of juices. Place a bag into crock pot and some of the saved juices and simmer until ready to serve. Serve with customer choice of homemade sauce, beans, corn, texas toast and butter and homemade slaw if you please. Now that I have told you The Real McCoy recipe I have to shoot you! LOL.  Check us out at Wingo's Grill at   Downtown historical Matewan WV/Stompin Grounds of the Hatfields and McCoys. We got pork worth feudin over!!!! Most people think the feud started over a darn hog but legend sez it started over my secret still house sauce.

         I have began building an old style COLD SMOKER with huge pit furnace with underground smoke vents to smoke house 40 feet away from furnace which is how I stumbled into this web site. When I get it completed my wifes 90 year ole grandmother and an 80 some year ole man are going to teach me how to butcher my hogs and to use everything except for the squeal! LOL. Trying to take The Real McCoy smoking a step further back in time. If things go as hoped for I will be raising and smoking my own hogs and selling to specialty food shops and online.

    The Real McCoy          
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    Just got done smoking a 4 lbs. Boston Butt. Started 8:30AM and took it off at 175 degrees at 1:00PM. Added some homemade BBQ sauce at the last 10 degrees. Pictures of the meal will soon follow. The temps were a bit higher than I liked. Too many coals, I think. Will use less next time. Temps were 270 to 330 as I altered the vents accordingly.

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    I know every piece of meat is different, but what temp do you guys think the plateau usually hits?
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    I usually see it between 165-175.......
  20. Trying my first butt on the uds...I put a water pan with some spices under it, mostly because i didn't want the fat dripping on my fire, is this what most people do? Just wondering. 

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