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  1. OK, I get it, cook it until IT is 170, foil it and bring it to 190 then blanket it for 1-2 hrs. What do I set the smoker to? 200? 225? 
  2. when do u wanna eat?lol cuz 225 takes for................eveeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................. i personally run mine at 250-265.
  3. I want to eat NOW! LOL.... 6 1/2 lb brisket at 225 to get IT to 170 should take how long? at 250? Then to 190 how long at both temps? 
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    You don't need sugars to create a bark.  I have seen plenty of briskets and other items that only end up with a salt and pepper rub and they have a nice bark on the outside.  You lose the bark when you wrap and put in a cooler.  All of the steam from the heat causes the bark to become soggy. 

    I know it's a personal thing but I don't inject brisket.  I think it takes away from the beef flavor of the meat.  As long as you are getting one that hasn't had all of the fat trimmed off, there usually is enough fat on/in a brisket to keep it moist. 
  5. generally you can estimate at least 1.5hr per pound. idk what that equates to at a 225 range,but i know thats too long for me. lol. id run it at 250 and just wait it out. just cook to temp, when you try and put a timeframe on brisket, one often ends up waiting longer. the brisket will let you know when its ready. plus for me most of my stalls come in at around the 160ish mark. and when that happens its totally up to the brisket when its gunna come up iin temp cuz i dont use foil.EVER. lol.
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    I usually cook 12-13lb briskets.  I cook mine at 225 and the meat temp will rise pretty fast for the first 3-4 hours.  After that it's slow going.  When it reaches 175 I'll take it off, put in an aluminum pan, cover the pan tightly with foil, put it back on the smoker until it reaches 202 IT. If it's the only thing you have on the smoker that day you can finish it in the oven.  

    Every brisket is different though.  I've had some that have taken 8 hours and some that were the exact same weight that took 14 hours.  They average out around 11-13 hrs.
  7. Thanks for the insight.  I'll remember that next time.  You cook until 202?  Do you have a problem with drying at that IT?  I know that 190 is usually "shoe leather well done" for beef in general but it seems to work for brisket. What are the advantages of > 200?  With a large brisket having such a wide variation in cooking times, it's probably best to smoke it the day prior, then reheat and serve.
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    If you leave it (uncovered) on the smoker for the entire cooking process the flat can dry out. Mine never dry out because I either wrap in foil or put it in a covered aluminum pan at 175.  I'm basically breaking down the connective tissues at that point while retaining all of the natural juices.  Breaking down those tissues is the key to a tender brisket.  You can take it off at 190 but, in my experience, it's not as tender as the briskets I cook to 202. Those are better for thinner slices.  When I cut into the flat I want it to fall apart.
  9. Thanks. I'll be smoking another brisket this weekend. I'll try your method.
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    I use the same method with pulled pork.  I smoked two shoulders yesterday.  They're like buttuh :)  Your briskets will turn out the same way. 

    If you want them to have a little more texture you will need to take them off at 195.
  11. I assume you just leave the thermometer probe in the meat when it's wrapped in the cooler?  

    If you do the toothpick test, do you poke through the foil or do you just skip the toothpick when foiling?

    Can't wait to get my first brisket on this weekend!
  12. no need for the probe to be in the meat when resting in the do the toothpick test when youre nearing temp or are at temp..sometimes it may not be ready and youll just give it a quick poke with a toothpick and make your decision from there.
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    I never use the toothpick test.  The thermometer tells me when it's ready.
  14. as you should, but everyones got their own idea as to how done they want their brisket...i dont use a thermy or toothpick...i know what its supposed to feel like... ive done brisket enough that i can tell im within range +/- 3 degrees. lol. it takes time and practice.
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    I can't wait until I am able to do that!!!  I will leave it up to technology till then [​IMG]
  16. lol. doesnt mean i dont have a handy thermy pen in my pocket to confirm my suspicions...i try and find a reason NOT to smoke a brisket..but my addiction gets the best of me everytime...i dont think there is a reason not to smoke a brisket and if there was a reason, id smoke a brisket for that occasion. lol.
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    HAHA!! I agree. 

    Opening weekend of dove season in Texas is next Sunday.  My dad says "Why don't you cook a brisket that Saturday?".  Keep in mind it will be 100+ degrees and I will have a billion chores to do. Fill feeders, fix feeders, fix my deer stand that the wind blew over, clean my camper.  The list goes on and on. If he didn't want me to do it I wouldn't.  But since he requested it I think I am in for a looong day.
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    LOL This is the ultimate dilemma, on one hand a to do list for hunting related items or smoking a brisket? ....Hummm I would "TRY" to do both but personally I know my attention would drift to one or the other and I know which one I would pay more attention to. I'm all about instant gratification or whatever happens sooner. 
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    First time smoking and I thought I would start with a brisket.its its all ready to smoke .just cant figure out the temp to start and when and hiw much chips do I use
  20. I cook at 225 and use splits. I smoke for about 5 - 6 hours then wrap in butcher paper and return the smoker until it is ready to come off.


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