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  1. M H the neat thing about doing a good brisket, is you can't hardly wait to do the next one.

  2. I'll smoke to that Gary! ;-)
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    Amen to that Gary.
  4. I'm curious if the high temperature,and wrapping used in brisket smoking would work to tender up venison? Perhaps the lack of fat in the venison would make the venison even tougher cooked that way, but it might be worth the try.   
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    Hmmm. May be onto something.
  6. You might try smoking for a short time (low & slow) Then wrap with some liquid added and see what happens.

    One thing we used to do with venison was cut thin pieces and pound them out a little to tenderize and make a little thinner. Mix equal parts Soy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Melted Butter and a little Salt and Pepper soak the meat for a few min. and put on the grill I would baste  them with butter while cooking. Couldn't cook enough. But had to do the butter or it was to dry.

  7. I HAVE to try that, thanks Gary! Just so happens I still have two packs of venison steaks from last year. 
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    That sounds a bunch like my jerky recipe!
  9. Probably only difference is time

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    If you're going to smoke it you MUST inject it.  We used to inject ours with Cajun Butter that you buy in a bottle.  I won't be as juicy at a brisket or pork shoulder but it's good.  If I had to choose between grilling and smoking venison I will grill 99 times out of 100. 

    We are actually smoking a Blackbuck ham this weekend.  I'm nervous about that just because I've never smoked goat.
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  11. I can understand the need to inject the venison for smoking and also understand that grilling would be better. I am going to experiment with a venison roast on the grill/smoker this year. That is, IF I can convince my wife that it will be better than cooked in the crockpot loaded with veggies. She loves venison roast that way. 

    Best of luck with the goat, I would try it, but I am afraid I would not know how to cook it or what it might taste like. (I hope nobody says chicken, LOL)
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    Cabrito! The favored dish in West Texas for a  Quinceañera or Sweet 16 party.
  13. just what i was looking for :)
  14. Tried this tonight with some venison steaks from last year. It was very good. I used teriyaki vice soy. Think the soy may be better as I lost the teriyaki flavor a bit to the Worcestershire sauce. My wife told me not to change anything so, I don't know, maybe I won't change it. I marinaded the venison about a 1/2 hour. It turned out tender and juicy. Thanks! 
  15. I really don't think you can wrong with either one, both are good I would probably use one if I didn't have the other. Glad you liked it and turned out.

  16. Actually that temperature plateau is very typical,and so is wrapping it in foil to push through.  The foil technique even has a name.  It's called the "Texas Crutch".  When you hit the plateau for about 1-2 hours, wrap the brisket in foil and continue cooking until the I T get to 175-180.  Then take the foil wrapped brisket off the fire, put it, still wrpped, in a cooler for about an hour, and you'll have juicy, tender briskjet at a perfect 190 degrees.
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    Mmmm, brisket
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    Brining or salting a brisket is sacrilege here in Texas. Grab your meet put that fat side up and let it smoke. Rub it with whatever you want sweet spicy just use sugar as your base and salt. So two parts sugaring part seasoned salt the other part a mix of all the special flavors that make it yours. I use ground dried chilies sage thyme mustard cumin and some ground bay leaves and pepper. Good luck just smoke her for as long a a you want at 190-225. Hit it with some water juice or cider vinegar juice combo. Ever now and the. To keep her moist. Then bake it in the oven for an hour or there covered or in a turkey bag. Let it sit for 20- 1 hr and cut and serve. Remembers ross the grain and that the cap is separated by a thin layer of fat.
  19. HELP!!! - I started smoking my brisket at 1:30 this afternoon. It steadily climbed up to 160 degrees internal temp by 6:00, but has since dropped back down to 149 in the past hour. I dd open the smoker up to mop it, will it gain internal temp again soon?
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    It is in the plateau stage just hold on. May take a couple hours. Oh and leave the door closed u need that steady temp.
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