Bargain cart for the Smokin it #1

Discussion in 'Smokin-It Owners' started by bigbirdk, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. bigbirdk

    bigbirdk Fire Starter

    It may work for a #2 also, but anyway - this guy is on sale at Sam's Club right now for like $59. With a couple of washers it makes a pretty awesome cart for my #1!:

  2. rhino smoke

    rhino smoke Newbie

    I know it's an old thread, but about how much space do you have for the sides of the cart? There's no clearance issue with the side of the cart and the door?

    According to the website, the external width for the #3 is 2 inches more than the #1 so I'm wondering if that will fit. By the picture it looks like it will. Interestingly enough, the #2 dimensions show it as 1/4 inch wider than the #3.

    Also, how sturdy is it with the #1 on there? The #3 is about 8" taller and I'm wondering if it will tip too easily.
  3. bigbirdk

    bigbirdk Fire Starter

    I took a few more pictures to help show it better. I have to say that I use the smoker pretty much every weekend and this cart has worked out terrific. My wife is pretty smart!

    We attached it to the cart by screwing the wheels in below the top shelf and used a washer on the under side of the shelf. It is rock solid and the sides of the smoker sit above the shelf alltogether. No door swing issues either! I really dont think the extra 8" of your #3 model will be a problem for you..
    Have since added a plastic tote to store foil, paper towels, gloves and such and keep stuff dry in the event of rain.

    EDIT: When my wife assembled this thing (it was a surprise gift) she actually put the shorter middle shelf on top, and the taller top shelf in the middle. Easy to do, but will make a difference in the door swing!

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  4. dsskid

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    Bigbirdk, just wanted to say thank you for this post. 

    I have the #1, and decided to purchase the same cart to utilize it in the same manner you did.
  5. bigbirdk

    bigbirdk Fire Starter

    It really works great and even gives you a little area in front of the door to stage. Enjoy! (And all credit must go to my wife!)
  6. dsskid

    dsskid Newbie

    Then, thank her for me.
  7. old sarge

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    Very novel and eminently useful. 

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