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  1. porkysnightmare

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    Has anyone done true barbacoa on a masterbuilt? Basically, anyone ever jam a cow head in their smoker? Lol
  2. I think true barbacoa is done by cooking a cow head in a hole in the ground. It's on my bucket list of things to do as soon as I can find someone to dig a hole big enough in my back yard. LOL
  3. brandon91

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    I don't think a cow head would even fit in a MES, maybe if you split it. Sure sounds interesting, make sure to post a thread if you decide to give it a try I'd like to see it.
  4. bgosnell151

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    Did a search for it and found this video... was a little shocked at some of the sound affects near the beginning.

  5. The one I saw was on a hunting show from south Texas. They dug a big round hole in the ground and built a fire in it.

    When the fire was down to coals they used a full cow head wrapped in foil. Lowered it into the hole and covered the hole with a piece of metal barn siding then covered it with dirt. I think they cooked it all day like that. Looked pretty good when they pulled the head out and shredder up the cheek meat.
  6. porkysnightmare

    porkysnightmare Fire Starter

    Yeah, seen the hole in the ground...just wondering if I could get away with it in the masterbuilt

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