Baked Brie.

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by trickyputt, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Okay so there is a southern style, but we have a hard time with really fresh brie here. This one has a shell. Of mold. Like a mushroom. Hint,Hint?
    So I hope this turns out well...
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  2. SO..the meat hit a plateau and its a perfect time to heat something else slowly into the steam.
  3. A Dead Soldier.
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  4. Me and the dog eat the same thing.
  5. i have no idea what 150 is except for water so it seems done... The cheese leaks out of the cheese. Or shell. Or whatever its called.
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  6. wife ate brie with wheat crackers. Not for me. Breads gettin comfortble before cooking.
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    I'm sure it'll taste great! Next time try something different and wrap it in puff pastry, or even Pillsbiry crescent roll dough in a pinch. You can top it (inside the pastry) with caramelized onions, a mushroom reduction or for something a little different, canned cranberry sauce. Merry Christmas and enjoy your Brie!
  8. Ok its out.
    patience it goes higher, I tell the wife. End cuts she likes.
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  9. 144 was all the PR did on a 50 degree day. House is cold I guess.
    Thanks big guy but that is pencillin mold and anything I did to break it open would ruin what I was cooking. Kinda cool, and STD free.
  10. On Ritz. Yeah thats right. MANNA FROM HEAVEN RIGHT HERE. oops. Got excited and hit caps lock.

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