Baja Filet

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  1. I was at the local market and found a "Baja Filet" with 3 small cylindrical pieces of meat. I've had these before...before I had a smoker...and cooked like I cook the Tri-tip that is abundant around here. I searched on-line and as near as I can tell there are a cut from the shoulder clod. I remembered they cook up very tender so I figured I would give it a try on the new smoker. The whole package weighed 2.43 lbs.

    I just used a rub of SPOG plus basil and rosemary. Just left them out long enough to get the smoker going

    I used Jack Daniel's Whiskey barrel chunks and chips and used water in the tray of my GOSM propane smoker. Here is what they looked like after I inserted the thermometer probe after 1 hour of smoke.

    After 2 1/2 hours the IT was at 144* and I pulled them. I foiled them all together in one bundle and wrapped in towel and into the cooler for a rest until dinner time.

    I'll post the money shot when I carve it up and let you know how it came out.
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    Looks tasty!
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    I would love some of that!

  4. I carved it up! It is very tender with lots of flavor...the smoke really came through.

    I'll have to look for this cut again!

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