Baffle plate level or at a slant

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by chris505, May 15, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, I am on my first build, I was wondering if the baffle plate should be level or at a slant?

  2. bruno994

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    You building a reverse flow, or just a baffle plate coming from the firebox into the cook chamber on a direct flow?
  3. My bad it is a reverse flow
  4. bruno994

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    No problems, you can give it just a slight tilt so that all the grease and drippings go toward the drain.  I wouldn't give it much as you will end up with a pool, just enough to allow ease of cleanup.  I did not give mine any tilt at all when I built it, 4 1/2" below the lower grate all the way down, I just use the jack on my trailer to raise or lower the drain when cleaning the RF plate off.  So I guess the answer to your question is yes you can, but you don't have  If it's a stationary model (patio, not on a trailer), then yes maybe a slight tilt.
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  5. Ok thanks, I just was wondering if the smoke or heat wil get trapped under the baffle being level
  6. bruno994

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    As long as the opening at the end of the RF plate is the same as or suggested slightly larger than the opening from the firebox to the CC, you should be fine.
  7. smokejumper

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    Not at all. In fact most builders slope the RF plate down away from the firebox (higher where it starts at the FB and lower at the far end) and put a grease drain at the far end.
  8. Thanks guys I appreciate the info

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