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  1. I was looking to do my 2nd smoke today, but the weather is pretty miserable. It's in the 40's, windy and rainy. I have a couple of chickens and some ribs soaking in brine in the fridge.
    I don't mind going outside in this weather, but is it going to give me problems?
    If I don't cook today, what do I do with the meat?
    I'm using a propane smoker if that makes a difference.
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    When I lived on the Oregon coast if I didn't smoke in weather like that I'd never get to smoke! Put on your goulashes and get to cooking!

    I have leaned up small pieces of plywood near the intake vents to help block the wind. As for the rain a pop up canopy is nice if you don't have a dry place to be. The rain won't do anything to hinder your smoke except to make you not want to be out in it.

    If you decide not to cook pull the meat from the brine and let it air dry in the fridge and smoke it tomorrow. Chicken really should air dry a good 8-12 hours uncovered in the fridge anyways to help crisp the skin when smoking.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I had to make a temporary wind block with some folding tables, and that helped, but not enough.

    I ended up making a insulation jacket for it, and that helped me maintain some stable temperatures.

    * edit, typo.. Wing block
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    I feel you , started my smoke at 4:30 AM 38 degrees wind gusts 25 to 30 mph going through fuel like crazy in the offset .
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    Finished a 13.5 hr smoke  in less then ideal conditions did a Bourbon pulled Butt 1 rack of Dr Pepper ribs and 1 rack of Jeff's Coffee Brine Ribs ( Amazing !!!! ) 20 lbs charcoal 10 lbs of cherry chunks Probably twice as much as normal due to high winds . But as always well worth it !!!!
  6. I found that reflectrix (might be spelt wrong) silver , basically bubble wrap, worked well as a wind break.

    I think it kept the ring of propane fire from being blown around.

    FYI, the relectrix i used as a wind break only touched the smoker on the corners
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    I use the same thing with my mini. Works great and cheap

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