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  1. Went to the grocery store to get some jerky meat.  I picked out a nice top round and gave it to the butcher to slice up.  He told me that all the jerky people use bottom rounds instead of top.  Bottom dont look as lean to me, but he is the meat man so I let him slice me up some about  an 1/8".  I used the Backwoods jerky seasoning(for the first time ever) and smoked for 3hrs like always.  The jerky was paper thin after it was done and pretty tough, it also stuck to the rack pretty bad.  Had an awesome color though.  What went wrong, Too thin, not a good cut of meat or the backwoods seasoning? This is only my third batch of jerky I have made so Im unsure of what could be the problem.  The first two batches were just a simple marinade and tenderquick.  

    I have some more jerky going right now with my marinade and the same meat so I guess I will be able to tell if it was the backwoods mix or not.


    Before smoking


    After smoking and holding the rack standing up


    Now completely upside down!

  2. Hmmmmm. I got a bottom round in my smoker right now. My first try at smoking roast beef. I'll let you know if I loose a tooth trying to eat it.
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    delarose, evening...   throw the racks in the freezer, meat and all...   maybe they will peel after frozen.....    Worth a try....  Dave
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    Did the cure mix have sugar in it?
  5.  Hmmm... the jerky with my homemade marinade with tender quick turned out completely different than the backwoods seasoning. It was thicker, and didn't stick to the grate. Meat came out of the same package, smoked at the same temp for the exact amount of time.  I wont be using the backwoods for my regular jerky anymore.  I might try some ground beef jerky with it though.
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    one of the reasons it stuck was it was sliced so thin

    have never a had a problem with backwoods
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    1/8" inch is very thing..maybe try upping to 1/4 or a litle thinner to 3/16"
  8. Sounds like it got a bit too dry, you can place it in a zip bag with a slice of bread for some time to soften it up a bit.
    I slice my jerky at about 3/16 inch.
  9. When I've done jerky out of sliced beef, my experience is that 1/8" was always too thin and 1/4" was always too thick. A 3/16" slice was always the perfect width of cut, in my opinion. By the way, if you haven't tried forming your own jerky with ground beef, give it a shot. No guessing, shorter processing times, shorter smoking times and great, repeatable results every time. Grab yourself a jerky gun and have fun with it!

    Best of luck to you!
  10. The meat was too thin! I slice mine at 3/16 or so and I still do it all by hand (no slicer yet and don't know if I really want one). I use Hi Country Jerky Seasoning and I've never had any jerky stick like that, but these days I hang it.
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  12. 150°. That is low as my GMG will go.
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    okay...I start at 120 and go to no more than 140...its cool you got it down
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    for how long do you go with 120 to 140 degrees

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