Bad timing... what to do with Butt from 2 am to 5 pm...

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jhawker23, Jan 21, 2015.

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    My day didn't go as planned and I couldn't get a 9 lb butt on the smoker until 1:00 pm. I've been at 220 - 230 for 8 hours. Internal temp is 150. I've bumped the temp to 270.

    For the sake of this question, let's say it's done at 2 am... what is the best way to get from 2 am to dinner at 5 pm? 

    I appreciate the help!

  2. If you are able to monitor the temps and will be able to tend to it when it gets done I would lower the temps to 225 and let it do it's thing.  It could stagnate at 150 for many hours.  I use a maverick thermo and set the alarm when I go to bed.  When done I double wrap in heavy alumn foil and stuff in a small cooler with towels.  You will lose the bark but it will stay moist and warm for HOURS.  I have actually kept it that way for 6+ hrs.  My .02.

  3. jhawker23

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    I have the cordless Maverick so watching the temp is no problem. I guess I go from resting around 4 - 5 hours, to the fridge and a reheat a few hours later. 
  4. If you lower the temp it may take it to 8am or even noon.  I have taken 12 hours in my MES to go from 150 to 195.  One time over the holidays i did 8 pork butts and held a constant 225 that took 24 hrs for all of them to finish.   You can rest longer, the cooler really holds the temp.  If the pork isn't pulled, reheating in the oven is quick and easy.  Set oven for 200-225 and it takes about 1-2 hrs.
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    At this point you should cook it until it's done, rest, pull. and put it in the fridge until an hour or so before dinner. Then set the oven to 300°, sauce the pork, cover and reheat. Keep it simple, and you can't go wrong.
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    This would be my approach if it ends up getting done more than 4 hours before you plan to eat it. Whenever I try to hold something in a cooler for more than 4 hours the temp drops too much.
  7. Yup this is also what I would do. It will be just as good. Trying to hold it 15 hours would dry it out otherwise.

    Happy smoken.

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    not jump on this thread, but I have a like question sort of.

    Having a Super Bowl party, not tons of people but enough that I would rather not have to worry about trying to time a Butt etc. Any issues in wanting to play it 100% safe, smoking the meat the day before (say start it Sat morning, let it go ALL day etc) and then if it is done at mid, 2 am etc tossing in fridge then, letting it sit in fridge until 4:30pm or so then heat like you suggested? I don;t want to try to guess starting it at 1-2am Sunday and it ends up taking much longer than planned

    is it better to leave it together, then pull after you REHEAT or pull on Sat evning, then heat after it was pulled? I think better to leave it together then pull after reheat
  9. I pull it after the rest. I then add some pan drippings to it and vacuum seal it. I then reheat in a pot of water on the stove. It is just as good as when it was first pulled. I can also reheat as little or as much as I need. If it is going faster than expected just grad another bag and put it in the water.

    Happy smoken.

  10. krubby

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    Ya I may have to invest in a good vacuum sealer.

    While I am not suggesting by any means this is as good as home made pulled pork, Costco actually sells an amazing pulled pork that you prepare the same way. it is sealed in a vacuum bag and you heat by boiling then cutting open
  11. bmaddox

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    I have tried leaving it whole and heating in the oven and I have tried David's method above. I would say the David's method is by far the best. If you don't tell your guests that it was made the day before they will not even know.
  12. Blasphemy     What !!!!!                        Just kidding    well not really

  13. krubby

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    Ya Ya I know.  :)

    But YES nothing compares to something I made, no contest.  but it is actually not 1/2 bad in a pinch
  14. Actually there is some pretty good stuff out there, We have a big BBQ company down in Henderson that sell to the local stores Wally World and Sam's  pretty good stuff    "Saddlers"   I also noticed Sam's carries a couple of other brands too

  15. krubby

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    I'll say this - before I got my WSM (which BTW I have only had for about a month....) my wife did used to bring home a nice package of the Costco Pulled Pork every once in awhile.  I did not have high hopes, I assumed it would be passable but average.

    It isn't.  YES still not the same as pulled fresh off the smoker pork butt that was prepared with loving hands.  But substantially better than one might expect from an off the shelf product.

    My overall point is that is how you heat and warm that particular product as well.

    AND - the best part?  It was my wife's enjoyment of this very thing that caused her to say "you know, I love pulled pork, ribs etc.  you should get a smoker and make your own...."

    I have loved my wife for close to 20 years.  that day my love for her grew even more ha ha

    ps - sorry for hijacking the thread so much. 
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    Thanks for all of the replies. It turned out perfectly! Delicious!!  

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