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  1. Well about 2 months ago I made 3 Fatty's for a family cookout. I made a bacon cheeseburger one and 2 italian sausage ones. They went crazy over them, slicing and eating them like sandwiches/burgers.

     Now due to family problems, my CRS, and my own health problems my poor smoker set for 2 months uncleaned.I remembered and started to clean it. After reading a couple of posts I decided to remove all the parts I could and cook them off in my grill on max heat (700 or so degrees),and turned heat up to max in smoker for about 4 hours. Smoker came out looking alright, but the parts I didn't like the look of them so I tossed them in a black trash bag with a coating of oven cleaner. 24 hours later racks looked good mostly, but the other parts looked like this:

    Any ideas, should I just try to buy new ones or try something else? They have like a tough coat crud/grit over them. This is after I scrubbed on the with scotch brite for about an hour. Hell even thought about getting them sand blasted. I am a bad smoker owner.
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    Have you thought to consult the manufacturer?

    There might even be some type of waranty.
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  3. yeh ur not supposed to let oven cleaner dry on them. or else they will look like that...ask me how i know..haha. heat em up and give em a scrub with a wire brush(grill brush) and spray some pam on them, and heat em up again..should be fine...should be..good luck. [​IMG]
  4. that is all internals right? if not then disregard what i posted before. 

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