Bad day to be a pig

Discussion in 'Pork' started by thegreatmc, Aug 13, 2015.

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    Have a work lunch tomorrow for the last day (it was a summer job before school starts and I have to go back to teaching). Since I broke my wrist and can't work I volunteered to smoke some pork. I got one Boston Butt and one picnic for that and the family asked me to do another picnic that we could then freeze for quick meals. Figured since we had the smoker going we might as well do something for supper tonight so I got two racks of St Louis ribs. Then I checked the garden and had so many Anaheim peppers I got my nephew to help me make some ABT's. For those keeping track at home, that's one upper cut from the front shoulder, two from the lower cut of the front, two rib cuts, and then the belly (bacon on the ABT). I almost did the whole hog. The only thing eaten so far is the ribs and ABT's. They were the best I've done. The butt and one picnic will go in a roaster on low tomorrow with sauce (I like dry but around here people think BBQ is a sauce so I have to add it). Should be good.
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    All dressed up and nowhere to go. This was the night before.

    My entry for the clean bone club.
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    Looks like a good day or two to be eating with you  [​IMG]

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