Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast w/Stuffing

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  1. This one took a good deal of prep, and I really needed another set of hands. I got the recipe out of a book of mine if anyone wants the particulars. It's basically a butterflied turkey breast, beaten out with a tenderizer hammer. Stuffing of your choice put in the middle, then roll it all up (kind of like a fatty). After that comes the fun part of wrapping/lacing the bacon around it, then tying it all together with butchers twine. Cooked over indirect heat for about 2 hours with hickory smoke (don't recall the IT when I pulled it). All I remember is it was TASTY!!!

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    after looking at the pic again you might have done a weave, sorry... maybe the ties is to hold the breast together?

    :) bad eyes today :p 
  4. Definitely wish I had been a member of this forum when I wrapped it, nice tutorial I'll definitely save it. It was somewhat similar of a weave, the recipe called for butchers twine and it was handy to keep it all together because I had to flip the bird once. 
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    Well, once you have the weave layed out and wrap what ever it is you are wrapping with the bacon.. usually it will hold it together itself. If not a few picks like i said... easier.. faster... and looks great. :) give it a whirl. after your first weave, youll be a pro and your friends will be asking for your help with them all the time ::)))) Usually one pack will cover a fattie size portion. :) 
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    Besides , it's cool looking...
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    [​IMG].. it is just cool.. my knitting grandma , God Rest her Soul!!!,  would be proud I learned to weave something :):):)

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