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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by techmedic, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Decided, at the last minute of course, for dinner that I would make the wife and I some chicken breasts with shells and cheese. After reading about wrapping the breasts in bacon I'd thought I would try it. Wish I would of had more time to marinade them or let the rub soak in a bit more, but not the less they were still juicy. The photo is after I threw them on the grill to crisp the bacon.

    Anyone have any luck with rubs and chicken breasts? I have this feeling that the rub won't penetrate the meat the same as beef or pork.

  2. Looks great. I have used rubs. It helps. Brine will get the flaovor into the meat. It will also keep it moist.

    Happy smoken.

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    Ditto "Themule69"   

    Rubs help but brineing is the best way to get flavor deep into your chicken.
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    I have decided yesterday to give a try to do smoked chicken breast  page 60 from Jeff Philips book. I have not brine but with the bacon around and apple wood wow I have never eat a so good chicken  I. I have order  the meat I need to do maple ham Saturday . Slowly I take experience with my smoker. The most difficult s to keep the temperature with the charcoal.
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    Brining is the wat to go if you have time.  Otherwise, a rub does a great job by itself.  But together they create a masterpiece.  Your look excellent!!![​IMG]
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    Talking about bacon wrapped chicken breasts...

    We had a whole bunch of boneless/skinless chicken breasts about to go old, so I decided to throw them all in the smoker today and DAMN!!!

    Unfortunately the only bacon we had was some Kirkland's pre-cooked my wife had bought from Costco and since I didn't want to go to the store, I had to use them. I also had some rub left over from yesterday's pulled pork, so decided to rub a couple breasts in that, as well as a couple on a sugar-free BBQ sauce I made yesterday.

    I guess the wrapped breasts would've been even better had I started with non-cooked bacon, but they were still really good that way, too. Actually they were all really moist delicious! No need for brining etc. Had them in the smoker for about two hours until they were 160 degrees and finished them all on the grill with all the other stuff. Yummy!
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    I would be very interested I your SF bbq sauce if you wouldn't mind sharing it with the group plz.
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    I wish I could take the credit for the sauce. But no... I got the recipe from here:

    I did dome tweaks here and there (more liquid smoke, more tomato paste and other spices etc.) to suit our tastes, simmered it on low for about 45 minutes and everybody agreed it turned out pretty good. [​IMG]
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    thanks I'll look into it
  11. Ok, so this looks really good!!...what is the desired temperature to do these at?
  12. Sooooo I gave this a try and WOW, was it good...2 hrs steady 250....not too bad for my FIRST time out

  13. Looks awesome and glad you liked it. However, I can't take credit for it since I googled it (and possibly found on here).

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