Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Steaks w/Grilled Cabbage

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by chef willie, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Nothing elaborate here but somewhat unusual I thought. I normally use the white meat off the loin but since grilling I went with the dark end sliced about 1 inch thick then wrapped in two slices of bacon. Making the 'blooming cabbage', as I called it, was fun. Cored out & filled the hole with diced onion, garlic and a chunk of butter. Plugged the hole with bacon, seasoned it up with S&P and Cajun rub, gave it a splash of EVOO and wrapped in heavy foil. Had coals banked and put the cab on about 30 minutes over indirect heat before adding the pork. Total time for the cab was about an hour. I thought it could have gone a little longer but GF enjoyed it a tad crunchy. It's all so subjective. The pork had an overnight dusting of my rub and was superb!! Blew the taste buds away. Whole meal was awesome & will be done again.

    cut crosswise after about an hour

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    Giving me Ideas with my Monster Cabbages!

    Like that!

  3. looks good. did u precook that bacon inside the cabbage any? did it cook entirely?
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    Thanks Kat...was delish
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    No precook on the retrospect I could have a little to soften up some. It did it's purpose of basting it's fat down into the cabbage. After an hour with the dome on that baby was hot but not hot enough to really cook the bacon well. With 2 pieces of bacon around the pork I didn't feel the need to consume that piece as well so left it.
  6. i see i see... very creative. 2 thumbs up for trying something new..

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