Bacon Wrapped Drumsticks

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mightyherc, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. Got the itch for something easy and fast last night. So, I decided to smoke some chicken drumsticks!

    Brushed with a light coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and seasoned w/ Harley's

    Smoked them on the Kingsford Sierra Smoker with Stubbs 100% Hickory Lump charcoal and Hickory Hardwood Chunks for 1 Hour & 45 Min @ 230-250 Degrees and brushing with BBQ sauce at the 1 hour mark.

    Finished em off by putting them under the broiler for 1-2 Minute each side to crisp everything up. Any longer than this and Bacon grease really starts to add up; Don't know if that's a bad thing ;)
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    Those look really good to me!  Noticed that this is your first post here at SMF.  Would you mind popping over to Roll Call and introduce your self!  We will give you a proper SMF Welcome.

    I had to edit your thread and take off the link to the seasonings.  TulsaJeff  the SMF owner does not allow off site links here in the forums.

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  3. Doh. I forgot about the offsite link. Won't happen again. I have completed the roll call thread though last week ;)
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    I'd be all over those Drums!!!

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    Great looking drummies there! A little trick when broiling, put a cooling rack on the sheet pan then put whatever you are broiling on the rack. It'll keep the meat above the grease and give you a crispier skin.
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  7. Excellent suggestion friend! I will keep that in mind next time.
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    Hello, Mightyherc. Good looking Legs . Welcome to the forum and hope you stay a while. Good folks and excellent advice/suggestions .

    Go to Rollcall and enter your location on your Profile.

    Have fun and . . .
  10. Hello,

       Thanks for the thumbs up. Am I not showing Watauga, TX in my location? This is the second time a MOD has informed me of this :-/
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    It's been on the top right of your posts for awhile, but it's not in your profile.

    That's strange because I thought you would have had to put it in your profile for it to get to your posts.

  12. Hmm, I just checked it and its there. The only thing I can think of is I have a bold message in my profile that's says "The rest of your profile will become visible after you've been active in the forums". Maybe I have to hit a certain number of post before this happens? Don't' know what "Active" is, if it's a number. Anyone else having this issue?
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  14. Looks fantastic from here!
  15. hambone1950

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    Chicken looks great! That's a super idea. :grilling_smilie:

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