Bacon Summer Sausage Again

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by reinhard, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Still had seasoning from Curley's left over so I made a 10 pound batch for Christmas gifts and snacks.  I bought enough seasonings for 100 pounds so I have been using 6 tablespoons per 5 pounds of meat mix.  In another thread we talked about using a paint or grout mixer to mix sausage with.  I went and bought one, but having a senior moment, I grabbed one that was too big for my power drill LOL. Oh well, I got the right one now so I'll use that for the next batch of sausage.  Should be fun.

    I ran out of non-edible fibrous casings as well while stuffing the summer. Really should check my supplies before starting up.  But I did have casings for snack sticks so the remainder of the summer mix went into snack sticks.  Here is what I used--

    10 pounds of 80/20 ground beef

    2 cups of cold water

    2 cups of dry powdered milk

    2  T  mustard seeds

    2  heaping spoons [the kind you eat soup with] of diced garlic

    6  T  Curley's  bacon ground and formed recipe

    2 tsp Cure #1

    Sprinkled the powdered milk and mustard seeds over the ground beef.  Then I mixed the cure, seasoning, and garlic in the water and poured it over the mix.  Mixed everything up good.  Stuck the mix in the fridge overnight.  Then the next day I stuffed the summer and the sticks.  In the oven this time around.  It was near 0 outside.  Put the oven at 225 and cooked the summer first and pulled it at 150 deg and then the cold water bath and set to dry.  Did the same for the sticks.  Here are some pics---

    I tied the tubes all on one string and then cut them off individually.

    Summer tubes out from the oven and ready for the cold bath.

    Like I said, after not having enough fibrous casings for all of the summer, the rest of the mix became beef sticks.

    Summer and sticks turned out great.  Have a great and blessed Christmas everyone!!!  Reinhard
  2. c farmer

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    WOW.  Looks great.
  3. daveomak

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    6 T Curley's bacon ground and formed recipe...

    Reinhard, morning...... so what is that stuff.... a seasoning mix for a bacon loaf.... What do you like about it.... It must be worth getting...
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  4. brooksy

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    I'm curious about this mix also.
  5. reinhard

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    I get it from Curley's Sausage Kitchen.  The seasoning is called " Bacon Ground and Formed Recipe".  I used to get my pre-mixed seasonings for a local supplier who really had great stuff but they closed up.  So I went on line and checked out Curley's and one of the first products they had that caught my eye was this one.  So I made it in the ground and formed way into a loaf form. 

    I think I posted a thread where I put these pics on there from the formed beef bacon. I fried some up and it was tasty, but I also ate some cold from the slices.  That was the way I liked it, cold, just like summer. This turned out to be my go to summer base which I tweek with ingredients like above in my post, but also with cheese, jalapeno ect.  I just like the flavor of it.  It has that hint of bacon but nothing compares to the real thing LOL.  I just like Curley's seasonings in general.  I like buying it in larger amounts so I can make smaller batches as I need them.  Reinhard
  6. Reinhard

    That look great.  rememer reading your post about the bacon loaf.


  7. [​IMG]

    Looks very tasty!

    Happy smoken.

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    Another fine post as usual Reinhard, This looks great. - Job well done sir!!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing.  Looking to start making sausage soon.  Like the sound of this for sure ! [​IMG]
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    Well, having had my share of issues with SS I'm thinking I'm gonna have to steal this oven method for a try on the next 5 pound batch, with maybe a little ground pork in there just for grinz. Looks real good there, Reinhard.....both kinds look very edible to me.......Willie
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    Good stuff!

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