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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by flipajig, May 8, 2011.

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    I have made Canadian bacon and Boneless hame useing the same recipe with some apple and hickory mix for the smoke I was also useing wild pig for the meat.

    smoked until I reached a internal temp of 160 (I did not want to take the chance of catching a bug)

    The taset and flavor was out of this world.

    Now for my Question on bacon I have been cureing some Pork Bellies (no not wild pig)  5 days with tender quick and brown sugar im going to start smoking on wendsday my smoker is home made out of a old propain tank stood on end I cut off a fire box off of another BBQ pit for my fire box to reduce the heat I am useing propane for my fire and pipe for chaniling the smoke from one pit to the other there is about 4' of space between the two pits.I fired it up and was able to fill the smoker full of smoke and my temp stayed below 100 I  burned it for around 2 hrs.The temp outside was arond 80 degrees I live in Texas and its starting to get hot. Will this work or do I need to add some heat. 
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    You can cold or hot smoke bacon. I'm sure one of the bacon guys will be along shortly.

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