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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by foamheart, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. That's interesting  I learn new stuff every day

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    A great man (me) said that the worst part of smoking is the waiting!

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    Well there are anumber a reasons it could have failed. First it was old meat, second I added it late to the brine cure and you saw how the meat looked after someone not turning and moving while in the brine. It was an after thought.

    Then when talking with my Pop, he said they never cured all this stuff. They cured bacon and hams but as to sausage and tasso he never saw 'en cured. The tasso was dry rubbed with spices and hung to dry just like jerky. <Shrugs>

    I thought with the brine it would be Ok, the more I look at it this evening, the outter coating is excellent. The inner cure probably. But I did it with bacon, and MY bacon doesn't get cooked, only warmed to accept smoke. So Pop said I should ttry smoking it then drying it in the humidifier. I am thinking I will throw it back in the smoker tomorrow with the saudsage and see. I still also have this tingling on the back of my neck about it being old pork.

    We'll see. I have some more butts and the neighbor keeps trying to give me venison.

    I took a couple a pictures from the test piece.

    Like I said the outside spice is good, I got it right. The inside texture just ain't right, its like it raw and I wouldn't have thought it so. Small piece like that should have hit 165 easy while dewater cycle.  I am not throwing my hat in, I am just revaluating what I missed.

    Tomorrow is a new day, and my brain will be refreshed.
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  4. foamheart

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     But I kept busy. I much prefer to kick back with some fruit juice and scratch in manly places. But it just was not to be today.

    I did also get 10 pounds of cajun sausage done, AND I hid the red pepper this time..>LOL

    BTW That Andouille was in some of the Monster Casing from a previous post. LOL That casing was like the energizer bubby.
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    Amazon has Grandma's Molasses
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    Thanks, now that is doable.
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    Tasso sounds similar Biltong. 
  8. foamheart

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    Isn't Bittong more like a jerky?

    Tasso isn't dried meat, its basically a cured piece of pork with an encrusted outter rub. <Chuckles> But now Pop says they didn't use cure which I believe, but now I am sure today its all cured simply for safety. I have some in the freezer, I'll have to dig some out and do a sampling. Its dried, but its not dry.

    When we first came to Louisiana I was but a wee lad. The neighbor had been to see her mother and brought back some tasso. She gave a piece to my mother (the neighbor was quite proud of the tasso also), which my Mom kept an adequate time in the reefer then threw out. She had no idea what to do with it....LOL My Dad did the same thing with a whole hamper of soft shell crabs.....LOL

    I'll figure it out.......I just assumed there was nothing to it.
  9. foamheart

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    Heres the bacon after only one day in the reefer. Typical bacon except for the mahogany cloro added by the molasses..

    A little trim work, when I trimed it, I noted a different interior color also. It doesn't have that bright red cured color nor the cured taste. No salt only sweetness.

    Its really different, I miss the bright red, this is just barely pink.

    It browns really nice in the skillet. although at low temp. We all know bacon needs a mellow stage after the smoke.

    You can't see it in the picture but..... the thicker the slice of bacon the faster it burnt.

    In my humble opinion, I don't see any difference in the burn. BUT I would like to say, I have learned here before about cured meat. Never make decissions immediately because for some reason the cure changes the properties over time. I have done jerky I started to toss and in a few days it turned out exactly what I was trying for. This bacon seems to be tuff, and as to the "Cut against the grain" someone needs to tell the pig to get all its muscles running in the same directions....LOL

    I didn't care for bacon with no salty taste. And its not a real sweet, sweet taste that you get.

    The nose, you can laugh but the olfactory glands strick again! It too me almost an hour to figure out the aroma emanating from the skillet, finially it hit me. French Toast! Thats what the frying bacon smelled like, I don't know why.

    The piece of bacon used for the trial fry was the one which got the highest heat during smoking. Maybe that is a difference.

    If something changes I will bring it here.

    Bottom like, if it stays as is, I didn't care for the color, the taste, the texture, or the smoke.... yes it is edible, but I sure hope it mellows out better.
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    Looks tasty.

    I like some salt in my bacon to but dont want sweet.

    Great experiment Foam.
  11. foamheart

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    Carrying on with the sausage & Andouille.......They are beautiful! I could sell a link with a cup of coffee on any street corner for at least .50. <Chuckles>

    I do like a MES40 with the remote, now that mine is all well and functioning properly.

    I remotely started up the smoker let it cadillac till 275 preheat. Took the sausage out, put some pecan shells in the tray, loaded the sausage & andouille, opened the vent full, left the door cracked and started the dry out or de-water cycle,

    The sausage is in 36MM (10#), the andouille 46MM (5#), the smoke pecan..... what else?

    After an hour dry out. Well they are a little prettier.

    I put the tasso back in with the sausage smoke thinking it might help.

    One hour in, getting a little tan......

    Thought I would show you. This to my knowledge, is the only priivately owned elevator in the parish....LOL I think was year before last put it in so my Pop didn't need to use the steps with his bad knees. Small construction turned in to a fair size project once started.

    And here's the bottom end. Is that cool or what! The house is up on piers. Its an old house, built before the proper levees where here.

    Another 2 hours in on the smoke, now thats pretty, but letts strive for more! AND still no rendering, the casing are dry and crackle like paper.

    Then the Masterbuilt Cold smoker got crazy. I am guessing they has sprayed some coating inside, why, I have no idea. Will ask them tomorrow.

    This is the inside of the lid. What you don't see is this one solid sheet that has peeled off.

    This is the one sheet of whatever it is. I sniffed and smelled and did everything but lick the box looking for any trace of anything that I might consider a carcinogens. I never could spell, thats why we have secretaries in the world. My spell check doesn't like this site.

    You gotta admitt that is some good lookin sausage. It has not rendered, it smells ....... Its what all those clouds must smell like around the pearly gates. Think on that!

    I wouldn't have gone to the roaster to ensure a proper cook had I not had those think links of andouille. I just hate the aroma lost in the water bath! That sausage its perfect as it was! I will be frozen anyway and its not the kind you eat raw.

    Two different sizes so, two different alarms. I need more probes!

    Outta the bath and into the ice. Cool by 5 degrees, the wipe dry and into the reefer pan.

    The andouille still heating........

    Done, in the pan and into the reefer for the night. I didn't ice the andouille, I prefer the slightly shriveled casing. And it will not do it too much since I added the Amephos. You can learn a lot around this place with all these Guru's help. Thanks guys.

    I will resume the tasso quest. After the additional 6 hours I knew I had it whipped, but its the same texture still, although I realize that the bacon maybe the same way, and I am still not ruling out the last dip in the brine as well as it being old me. I have researched and nowhere does anyone cure tasso. They rub it, hang it, and smoke it, thats it. No cure. Thats scary, so I will figure it out.

    Been a fun couple a days and I have enjoyed it. I always do. Thanks for joining me.

    Ain't that beautiful sausage?
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  12. Wow !!!  beautiful color

  13. crazymoon

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    Foam, nice work and I'll take the "French toast "bacon off your hands ![​IMG]
  14. bearcarver

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    All looks Great from my house, Foamy!!!!--[​IMG]---------------[​IMG]

    You said you didn't care for the  color, the taste, the texture, or the smoke. The only thing I can tell is the color, and that looks Great from here![​IMG][​IMG]

    Hoping it mellows out to your liking!![​IMG]

  15. foamheart

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    I agree. I have had extremely salty dry cured bacon, (which was good) and extremely sweet bacon (which this is), I much prefer salty to sweet when bacon is concerned. I have read although that the reson for the sugar is to tame the harsh salt taste, at a 2 to 1 ratio.

    There is no bad bacon, but I am still going to seach for a way to try and make bacon that does not burn as bad. Yes I know there are alterative methods of cooking it. I want mine fried in a pan on the stove where it splatters grease everywhere and smells like breakfast!  There must be a way, we just didn't find it today.
  16. foamheart

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    Thank you sir.

    It really is, you know how bad my camera is, just imagine what it must look like in real life.
    Thank you, I apprceiate the compliment.

    If you were close I'd sure share.

    You know, I hate to cook my sausage in the roaster. It reduces the smoke aroma by 50% IMHO. It seems to even dull the bright color. But the texture is so much better I can live with the loss. Of course with using the Amephos now to retain the moisture maybe its time to try again.
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  17. bearcarver

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    I never tried this, but would this help you, Foamy???

  18. foamheart

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    I have that one with the crooked tail, right on top of the pile, in the pot  right now!

    Getting reay for a taste test. A little sausage cheese and crackers......... nothing wrong with that!
  19. dave17a

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    Have always saved an froze grease. Ya fry with it, green beans, anything deemed necsasary
  20. foamheart

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    Sorry for being slow..... Thanks man, I apprceiate it. I just wasn't too impressed this time. But it doesn't mean there won't ge another attempt. And it could mellow out great. ( But I have already unloaded  2 of the pieces LOL... They never suppect anything.... Mahahahahahaha!
     I checked out the link and althought it looks strange I am going to try it out tomorrow, We'll see. See thats how you start out making cracklins. A bit of water to help the fat start rendering, then as the water evaporates the liquid fat replaces it.  It'll either be a bit hit or a terrible flop.

    BTW did you check out some of the other links on that page? Hillarious!!

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