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    Lots of what's one more? Probably a bit over my head but gotta start somewhere I suppose. Working on rounding up all the equipment, no room in the fridge so I have another fridge coming, got a slicer, picking up a stainless steel table to work from. Decided we will be using Pop's brine. Which leaves the meat. Spokane is not blessed with a lot of butchers. One wants [email protected], rind off. Another wants [email protected], again with no rind. Both of these are not frozen. Then there is Cash & Carry. Last I asked was [email protected], rind on and frozen. Keeping in mind we are Virgin bacon makers what do you fine folks suggest? I think the weight of all the pork bellies were around the same, 9-12 pounds or so. Any and all suggestions welcome.
    AMNPS showed up yesterday. Will be using a first generation MES40 with a mailbox hanging off of it. Have a variety of pellets available, will be picking up a bag of apple next trip to town. If I left out any needed info please do speak up. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  2. I would buy the 2.49 with rind on. Then I would remove the rind and make pork rind pellets Then go back to the bacon and cure as you said with Pop's wet cure or TQ. Remember to measure your cure very closely. their have been a few threads the last little while that didn't use the right amount or the wrong cure.

    Happy smoken.

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    Ernestina will go nuts if I show her your thread. How difficult is it to pull the rind off? One of the butchers I spoke with made it sound extremely difficult.
  4. Be sure and post pictures

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    I took the rind off a belly I bought at cash and carry. It wasn't difficult with a very sharp flexible knife. It was just a bit time consuming as I wanted to keep as much fat on the belly as possible. Cutting the belly in to 3 pieces made it easier.

    The belly I got from cash and carry was a bit thin though. If the butcher shops have thicker bellies for 3.99 rind off...I would consider it.
  6. Where's the Pictures !!!!

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    Thanks for the heads up. How thick should a pork belly be? Our fridge should be here next week, plan is to pick up the fridge and a pork belly the same trip to town so I can give it a go. Ordered the pink salt yesterday.
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    I've found some 2 - 2.5 inches thick which I think is a great thickness for smoking and cooking...I make a few braised Chinese pork belly dishes.  

    The belly I recently smoked varied from 1.5 - 2 inches.  With only a small section at the 2 inch mark.  The belly I purchased was about 2 lbs lighter than the others they had.  It's possible the others were thicker, but hard to tell frozen in the box. 
  9. inkjunkie

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    Our fridge should be here next Tuesday, getting closer to our first bacon attempt. Did get this
    in the mail the other day...
  10. Can't wait to see your final product. I find using a sharp fillet knife is the best for removing the skin in my opinion. Just my 2 cents
  11. Count me in, I'll be watching

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    I just made bacon for the first time using a dry cure and smoked it over Asian pear trimmings in my egg (sooo good!).  Anyway, my point in writing is that I smoked the slabs with the rind on and found that it is super easy to peel off the rind while the pork is still warm. I just used a knife to start one edge and then, with a towel in my hand to give me a better grip, slowly pulled off the rind (a lot like skinning a fish).  I think you'll find this approach gives you a great result with your bacon, and you'll have tasty smoked rind to throw into soups/beans et al.

  13. Man, That's Purdy !!!

  14. bacon, bacon, bacon thats a mans best friend, man that looks good.


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