Bacon and Ham/BBB - 5 different recipes

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  1. Hi, just want to share what I have been doing for the last week. Here are the recipes. You may notice that I call ham and BBB interchangeable. For everything else other than bacon I have only known ham - BBB is a new term to me since joining this forum.

    Here are my recipes. These are unknown territory. I have each bag marked and later on each piece of meat is marked with an indicator.

    Here is the meat in the dry brine

    Here is the meat forming a pellicle and just prior to smoking

    Here is the meat after smoking

    It will probably be a while before having a chance to sample all of these delicacies. My plan of attack is to slice half off and fry to see how that works out. The other half I will bake as ham in the oven and see how that turns out.
    One final recommendation I have is to smoke your bacon with skin on. After smoking, remove the skin and cut into inch square pieces. It really adds a beautiful flavour to homemade beans and stews. I will post a quick update when I try each recipe. Until then, I encourage everyone to try different recipes and post them to share.

    In solidarity,

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  2. goensouth

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    Nice job. Looks great.
  3. Thanks Goen,

    Here are some updates. Could not resist sampling some of these. The first pic is the bacon, turned out really nice.

    This picture is Recipe #2 - came out nice and I must say I do like the hot mustard taste.

    This picture is recipe # 3 - could not taste much apple but I do like the hotness of the pepper flakes

    Will send along an update when I try the remaining two recipes.

    In Solidarity,

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    Tasty looking bacon! Nice smoke!
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    S, That is some great looking bacon ![​IMG]

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