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  1. I used a Backyard Professional Charcoal Grilll at a friends house this weekend.  I liked it a lot and will put it on my list of grills to check out next time I need a new one.  Another grill I'm interested in is a LyfeTyme grill.  I know they make a bunch of different modles, but I have not talked to anyone that owns one.  Could be because they are so dang expensive.  But they are made of very high quality steel and will probably out last of those things that my kids will give to one of my friends one day....hopefully a long time for now. 

    Another grilll on my list is the Arkansas Protable Kitchen.  I live in Texas so I will probably get a lot of grief from my brothers, brother-in-laws and friends....too bad.  If the grill is good it's good.  They too are on the pricey side, but I really like the way they cook.  They really hold the heat in well.  Down side is that as far as I know they only come in one size and the cooking service is fairly small.
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