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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by sirchunkus, May 10, 2010.

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    Nice clone.  But as I went through the drawings asking myself what I did not know i came up with two questions> What type of smoke chamber door latch assembly did you use?  Also what type of door sealer did you use and how did you attach it?


  2. Thanks for the info. This looks liksomething we had in mind. Do you have any more detail on the door and how it fits. Maybe some pictures of the finished smoker. have you smoked on it yet ? if so how did it turn out, hold temp well ? looks like it would not use much fuel (charcoal, woood or both) also if could provide some pictures of the firebox setup. We will probably start building in the next week or so. Cooler weather (we are in east Texas, been pretty hot).

    Thank you

    Gary S
  3. How does the heat and smoke transfer from the firebox to the cooking chamber?

    Thanks Gary S
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    Nice smoker or bank job...
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    Wow what a nice build  .does it smoke well ,is it easy to control the heat? wow [​IMG]
  6. africanmeat

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    Wow it looks like a great build is it easy to control the heat well done[​IMG]
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    The inner wall don't go all the way to the top.So the smoke comes in the top then down to the vent in the back wall.
    Reverse flow vertical.
  8. Have you smpked on it yet? if so how does it work, good heat, maintains heat well please let me know

    Gary S
  9. After you finished this smoker, How did it cook?  We really liked your idea of the reverse flow vertical but wanted to make sure it worked and held temp. As I said before we are going to start on one probably this next week.

    If anybody has any experience with this type of smoker please let me know. We like the vertical, insulated and that reverse flow design really caught our eye. I like the reverse flow concept and they really work well. At least the one we built last fall (Horizontal RF) But the insulated would be a lot better in the cold months, we cook year round rain or shine. Anyway please let me know or if there are any better or different ideas out there.


    Gary S
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    The guy who posted this hasn't been active since 5/19/10 but backwood are verry well known smoker at comps.Here is a link to their home site.http://www.backwoods-smoker.com/  We have a dealer here and they are a verry nice smoker.
  11. Thanks for the info. Checked out that link, very nice smokers, very nice but we want to build one.
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    Well i don't meen to sound like a smart a$$ .But their are 13 pages of cad drawing with measurements a parts list and pictures to boot. What more would you need?
  13. Dear Smart A$$ I understand the drawings and the Measurments very well I was in the steel erection and fabrication business for over 35 years. I was wondering how well it drafted and held temp. I was also wondering if any one else out there had experienced any problems with this design. I don't wont to build something that doesn't work properly. I have not had much experience with this type of smoker. WE built a reverse flow last fall that works great, because we took time to ask questions and do the research before building, what more I need was just some input on how it works, and I am not trying to be a smart a$$ either. Here is what we built last fall[​IMG]
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    I don't want this thread to sit idle for too long, I'm real interested in how the finished product turned out.  What type of door latches used, what type of air intake installed, type of cook racks used, type and location of temp probe/thermometer, and most importantly, is it as efficient with charcaol and does it easily maintain stable temps throughout the cook?  Enquiring minds want to know.
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    The guy who built this hasn't been on here since 5/2010 look at his profile.Sorry but it's a dead thread[​IMG]
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    if you're really interested in talking to the guy maybe email him??  [​IMG]

    maybe the admins would give you his email address that he created his account with??????

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    Don't think so!
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    X2 [​IMG]
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    Ok.well then....NEVERMIND!
  20. Very good work you did here.  [​IMG]

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