~Backwoods Style Build

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  1. Frame with inside wall and half of the racks welded in:

    Chimney seam weld and welds on opposite side of back wall where the racks are located:

    Side view of inside wall:

    Angle scrap welded into to seal off chimney bottom:

    View from top of inside wall:
  2. Spacers on side wall to support middle wall:

    Insulation in bottom (2" thick Super Wool)

    Getting too heavy to move, decided to add cart with wheels:

    Cart to smoker connection (L1 1/2x1 1/2x3/16 with 3/8" dia x 2" hex bolts:

    Vent holes drilled through inside wall with step drill into chimney (a large rectangular hole was torch cut into the chimney before inside wall was installed at the location where the holes were to be drilled):
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    It looks like you are doing one fine job. You will definatly love it when it's done for sure. Thanks for all the Qview too.
  4. Finished putting racks in:

    Middle wall panels welded in (view from backside):

    Studs to hold insulation in place on side panel (0.25" dia x 3/4"):

    Studs to hold insulation in place on back panel:

    Insulation on sides and top:

    Insulation on back side:
  5. Materials (mild steel):
    (1) 24' stick of 1"x2" rectangular tubing
    (2) 24' sticks of 1"x1" square tubing
    (5) 4'x8' sheets of 16ga
    (1) 2' wide x 24' roll of super wool (like kaowool, but dissolves in bodily fluids thereby making it much safer to work with. Got it on Ebay)

    Welding process:
    MIG (GMAW for you new age guys)

    Labor to date:
    4 hours producing drawings
    20 hours fabricating

    Expected total labor:
    28 hours


    Cost to date:
    $315 (compared with $2900 for base Competitor model Backwoods smoker)

    Expected total cost:
    ~$600 (still need to get a clip gasket, add a power draft control, and get a piece of stainless sheet for a table top on the side of the smoker)
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    That's way cool!
  7. lepcur

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    Looking good man.[​IMG]Mike
  8. I made PDF's of my plans, but the file is ~1Mb. Anybody know how to post a large pdf?
  9. chefrob

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    great build so far.........thx for sharing!
  10. pineywoods

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    Awesome build keep the pics coming
  11. richoso1

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    Sounds like you have a well greased plan, the pics are great. Congrats on your determination and your skills.
  12. hookup

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    Really got some talent on this board.

    Thanx for sharing and keep post'n pix of the build and when you fire up your first batch of meat
  13. dennisdocb

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    You could upload to photobucket and then just post a link to it.

    Nice job on the smoker..looking forward to the finished product.
  14. andywhite

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    At first I thought those were plans for a bank job.

    : )
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    Pretty awesome. thanks for posting. Does the draft work okay?
  16. jeffrip

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    That is very nice! You are doing a fantastic job. Have you designed water pan?
  17. flyin'illini

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    Probably want to spring for a stainless steel water pan?
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    that is one nice set of plans! and a great build!
  19. That is one awesome build. You've got some mad skills.

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