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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by golfpro2301, Feb 26, 2015.

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    So I am in the design process of my next cooker. I have my fridge conversion that can hold roughly 25 butts but with my catering gigs I have lined up for this fall that wont be enough space. I am wanting to build a heavy insulated G2 Competitor that is very efficient and to also you at competitions. I would use the clone for big meats and my fridge for ribs. I was just going to build it to almost exact dimensions but having hard time finding certain dimensions and design features. Anyone able to help me with the below questions?

    1. does cook chamber size on site include water pan/

    2. firebox size?

    3. does the frame make the corners really hot?

    4. distance between false wall and insulated wall, is there a false wall on both sides and back?
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    Anyone have the answers? I am torn between BWS and the vault. Cant make up my mind. Does one work better than the other?
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    Just to let everyone know I called backwoods today and asked a few questions about their firebox. A guy told me that it is 24" deep, 18" wide, and 11" tall. That puts it at 94% compared to the cook chamber. One thing I dont under stand is that the Backwoods has a false wall on the back and both sides. the cooking chamber is 23" deep and firebox 24". this would make sense for a 1" gap on the back wall. But here is the problem. The cook chamber width is 20" but the firebox is 18". How is the heat and smoke supposed to go up thru the side walls? Did the guy give me wrong width for firebox?

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