Back-up thermometer(s) - which is best? Long probe?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by brazosbrian, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. brazosbrian

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    Tried searching but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    Planning the purchase of a WSM sometime soon and am collecting up my mods and gadgets ahead of time.  Already got a Maverick ET-733 that just arrived ...but being an old pilot who doesn't believe to strongly on any one instrument (I watch the gas gauges AND my watch to estimate remaining fuel!).  I'd like to have a couple of back-up thermometers on my WSM ...kinda like the lid thermometer, but with long probes - one located through edge of the lid just above the rim ('meat height') and another just below the bottom grate (just below the lower 'meat height' but not in the way of taking the grate out).  Anyone know of a long-probe (more than the usual 2-1/2 inches?) thermometer that is also reasonably accurate or at least able to be calibrated (boiling water)???


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    Do what I do; buy the longer 6' aftermarket probes then label them at the end that connects to your transmitter. I have mine labeled Food Top, Food Bottom, Chamber Top, Chamber Bottom. You can swap them out quicky at the transmitter without breaking lock with the receiver.
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    Not a bad idea, and I might buy a second Mav later on so I can have multiple chunks of meat and more than one temp reading for the BBQ'er, e.g. grate and meat temp on top, grate and meat temp on bottom.

    That said, the type of thermometer that I'm asking about here is the stem type that you typically see on the lid of BBQs... but I'd like to know which of those on the market (usually called 'replacement thermometers') are better quality and/or accurate, and would also like to know if there are any with longer stems on them ....say 6 to 8 inches that measure the temp more towards where the meat is in the middle of the BBQ rather than what the shorties (2 or 3 inches) measure ...which is the convection blast of air coming up the sides of the WSM from the coals (which will read artificially high).



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