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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bvanderheyden, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    I'm glad to be back on the forum. Its been a busy couple of months with no time to smoke. Summers winding down and I finally upgraded from the ECB to a WSM 18. Ran her through a couple of seasoning runs. Tomorrow is the big show. Ill be putting 18 LBs of pork butt on. I realized the amount of money spent on fuek for my ECB compared to the 2 seasoning runs on my WSM is vastly different. I was able ro find cheap lump charcoal at GFS. 20 LBs for $14. I have the whole charcoal rinf full, and have decided on the minion method.

    I have yet to do a charcoal refill, and I'm going to be pushing it with a full ring. I plan on having the meat on by 3:30. My daughter goes to bed around 9:30 and wakes up at 3 am for her feeding. Do you think before going ro be myself at 10-11 that i should refill the ring completely to the top?

    Any help would be great
  2. mike5051

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    I've never used lump in my WSM, but a full ring of KBB will provide me with 225-250 for about 12 hrs without touching it. This is with one bottom vent open about a 1/4.  I can then stir the coals and open the vent some and get another 4 hrs with some futzing with the bottom vents during that period.  I have added more fuel after this time but never a full ring.  

  3. bvanderheyden

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    Thanks for that information, Do you add them in lit or unlit?
  4. mike5051

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    If I need to raise the temp I add lit.  If I'm keeping a steady temp, I add unlit.  Adding lit charcoal can cause quite a temp spike if your not careful.


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