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Discussion in 'Beef' started by new2que, Jul 6, 2010.

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    We were doing a all day smoke at the lake for a pre-4th celebration and my Brother-in-law had a brisket from a small cow fed out at his parents farm in TX so we decided to smoke it for a lunch snack.

    The baby brisket is in the bottom foil pan, its the night before the smoke and we rubbed down all the meat (to see everything from the smoke go here: )


    Here it is rubbed with EVOO and a special rub from TX.


    On the pit it goes! 


    Ready to be sliced...[​IMG]

    All sliced up.  It turned out very good.  Great smoke ring, and very tender, probably one of the most tender i've ever had.  Two compliments, one to my brother-in-law for his skill in the brisket category, and the other to his folks for raising great beef.


    Thanks, hope you enjoyed the qview!
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  3. new2que

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    Now thats some fresh meat when you raised it and then you know what it's had to eat and all. Man you did one fine job on the smoking too. Godd Eats and enjoy as I know you folks did. 
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    That is a nice looking brisket and everything else must have been delicous too!
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    How cool is that, from pasture to dinner table!

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