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    These were actually my first baby backs (have been a spare rib guy to this point) but won't be my last. I used Honey Mustard as a glue and topped generously with brown sugar, then sprinkled with a mixture of paprika, pepper, salt, and garlic powder. Wrapped and rested overnight. I smoked with cherry wood and they went on for 2 hours then foiled meat side down with some PBR. Now the plan was to keep them foiled for 2 hours but got an unexpected call and had to make a quick trip for the wife so it ended up being about 2.5 hours in the foil but the WSM held perfect temp the whole time. Well, it was the same when I got back that it was when I left. When I removed the foil and flipped back on the grates to sauce for another 30 minutes or so, the bones were already falling out so I knew then that this would be a good meal. Sauced with honey barbecue and let it go for about another 30 minutes just to get a little bark and then dinner was served. Rave reviews from all who tried that they were the best ribs I had ever smoked. I am still playing around with my glue and rub...will probably use molasses or maybe straight honey next time to try and get a little more sweetness.

    Just before going on the Smoker

    Sauced and right before being pulled and plated. As you can see, the bones were sliding out on their own.

    Sorry for the lack of pics...with the errand and the busy easter weekend, I think I was lucky to get these done. 

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