Baby backs today

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bulkman, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Here we go. 2-2-1 method, using a mixture of hickory chips and mesquite chunks. Not using any charcoal today, gas only in my dual fuel Masterbuilt.

    Same homemade rub I always use, going Memphis style today. One of the racks I'll slather up with some sauce at the end, the other I'll leave dry.

    One recommendation for everyone, soak chips if you use them, but don't soak chunks. The chips flame up pretty easily, so they need to be soaked. Dry chunks just give a nice, long steady smoke.

    Also, this is my 2nd smoke using a $17 digital thermometer from Target and it works great. I also keep my analog one in there, just because I'm anal that way.

    This and a few Schell's Hefeweizens is making for a great afternoon.


  2. The finished product, not falling off the bone, but pull off the bone tender.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. wormser

    wormser Newbie

    Very nice.  good beer choice, I'm slumming it today with Budweiser.
  5. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I'll have to wait for the German Festival on 7.6.14 for a nice wheat yeast beer.  The ribs look great!
  6. tomcap

    tomcap Newbie

    what temp did you use for the baby backs?
  7. 250. That seems to be the temp I have the best luck with.
  8. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    Looks like you did not foil. Wondering if I am correct?  [​IMG]
  9. I did use foil, but didn't get a picture of that step. Sorry for the confusion. Used about 2 oz of apple juice in the foil.

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