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  1. I had great success last week smoking baby back ribs for the first time. After reading up on methods I went with 2-2-1. I had tweaked this method based on my temps for the day. I had been ranging, temp wise between 250 & 275. So, I did my first 2 hours smoking, an hour and a half wrapped in tin foil with juice back in the smoker then another hour out of the tin foil juice wrap for 45 minutes and then I slathered on my homemade citrus BBQ sauce for the last 15 minutes.

    As a side note I had read a lot about using Apple juice for the 2 hour tin foil wrap. Not having any Apple juice available I have orange juice a try and it worked great. I don't have anything to compare it with but I felt it helped with the I used the remaining juice as part of a reduction along with my homemade virus BBQ sauce).

    I digress from my topic. The ribs were so juicy and perfect fall-off-the bone tenderness. I was extremely happy with the process for a first time.

    For my smoke I used a combo of hickory and mesquite in the beginning and finished with Apple and cherry. I thought the combo gave the meat a nice flavor profile which wasn't too overpowering.

    Now it's July 5th and I am giving the baby backs another go. Same technique is going to be applied. I am hoping to replicate my first go but make it better. Here are a couple of picks of my firebox (I am attempting the minion method) and the ribs in the smoker.

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    Happy to hear of your success last time. Great job. Just about any type of liquid or combo will do. Depending on what you're looking for I've used everything from beer to pineapple juice to cherry cola. Most recently I've gone to a conbo of apple juice, squeeze butter, a sprinkling of brown sugar, and to balance the sweetness, a bit of Tiger Sauce (supposedly Johnny Triggs combo).
    Now....... about your homemade VIRUS BBQ sauce.........
  3. HAHA...that slipped by me! It was supposed to read citrus BBQ sauce. Too funny.

    Thanks for the tip about the liquid! I will have to give other forms a try.
  4. Today's baby back ribs turned out great. I can safely say that I have this down. I will start experimenting with different flavor profiles. Maybe try a bourbon based smoke....hmmm

    Here are some pics finished product.


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    Hi Ribs look really great!! Where do get your ribs from, do they also have St Louis?

    Thanks Dan
  6. The ribs I bought are from Trader Joe's in Clifton, NJ. If I am making a big order, I like to order from US Wellness meats ( They are a little pricey but their meats are not only organic but grass fed which, to me, is the best kind of meat to purchase. Their brisket was great. My next order, which will be for a brisket will also include ribs. Not sure what St. Louis ribs. I've heard of them, but not sure what the difference between normal ribs and St. Louis ribs.
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    Hi St Louis Ribs are full spares cut down to St Louis style. I e-mailed Ace Metal Craft about cutting the tuning plates 6"x15 1/4"

    they qouted me $40.00 for 1/8 and $60.00 for 1/4".

    Thanks Dan

                      St Louis style ribs

  8. Thanks the info about St.Louis ribs.

    Not sure if it makes a difference but ask him about using mild steel. I am not sure if I mentioned that in my last post. And I'm not sure if that makes a difference in the quote. Either that or he realized he should have charged me more. Let me know if that changes the quote price. If not, it's still not a bad price (the 1/8").
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    Hi I did put mild steel in my E-mail..I just might call Ace and see what they say, over the phone.

    I had covered the charcaol grate with aluminum foil and put small holes by the firebox side and bigger holes going away firebox, didn't really seem to help out much.

    Your ribs look real good.

    Thanks Dan

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    Hi where do get your wood. I've been getting mine  on the net,(Frutia wood). I'm looking for some local,apple/cherry/pecan

    My meat has been coming from Restaurant Depot, or whoever has a good sale on ribs. Brisket has not been working out for me, comes out tender and tasty but on the dry side.

    Pulled Pork is No brainer, can't go wrong no matter what you do.

    Thanks Dan

    PS Your ribs look awesome
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  11. Haha, before I bought the tuning plates I did the same thing with aluminum foil. It didn't work that well. I hope the call over to Ace works out better for getting a better price. I have a feeling he realized he charged me too little.

    Thanks, the ribs have been a positive for me. My first attempt at brisket came out will also. Wellness Meats is where I get my meat except for the ribs. The ribs I get are from Trader Joe's.

    I've been getting my wood from Home Depot. I don't anything to compare prices too, yet. I will check out Frutia Wood and see what I can get.
  12. Any luck Dan, with Ace?  
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    Hi I didn't call Ace yet..I'm going to see what happens next time with the foil..I made some bigger holes away from the firebox.

    Another place for wood might be Vaughn Wood Products. Didn't use them , but thinking of placing an order for 12" splits.


    Thanks danWood ProductsVaughn Wood Products
  14. Thanks for the info about the wood places. I have a card game I am hosting for some of my buddies next week (cigars, pipes, smoked meat, cards and scotch) so I'll see what works price wise. I have a mullberry tree in my yard that I want cut down. When it's cut I'll have plenty of wood for smoking.:sausage:

  15. Great Job!!! They look mighty tastey!!!
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    Hi Today at the end of my smoke I used a 12" X  5" split/White Birch that I picked up at Home Depot.. I didn't want to add any more charcoal, the split keep the temps going good.

    Maybe next smoke all spilts.

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