Baby Backs, ABT's and Q-View!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by slief, Oct 23, 2011.

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    I've been lurking around this forum for a couple months. I recently put my first post up in the Roll Call section. I have learned a lot from here. I also took the e-course. Being new to smoking meats, this site has been a great asset to me and resulted in all my first attempts being better than I had expected. For that I thank you guys and the mods for a great site! 

    About a month ago I decided to get an MES 30. I have one of those cylinder style electric Brinkmans that I have used for fish but I dont like that smoker as its a pain to access the inside when cooking on it. The MES was a simple alternative with easy access though I have to admit this "fired" up the OCD in me and now I want bigger smoker..

    I read a bunch here and decided to get an AMNPS and a bunch of different pellets to go with it. Over the last few weeks I have done some experimenting.. All with great results. I have cooked baby backs a couple times which came out good but a bit on the dry side. I have now attributed that to the fact that the meat market that I got the ribs from has pretty lean baby backs that are on the thin side. I also did my first pulled pork which came out great. A chicken that was pretty good and a stab at smoked shirmp stuffed ABT's which came out excellent.

    I decided I wanted more ribs this weekend as well as some more ABT's. I went to costco this time and found the most flexible pack of pork back ribs they had.. It was 3 slabs worth of meaty nice looking BB's at half the price/lb of my local meat market..

    Last night I rubbed them down with some Baron of BBQ meat rub. At noon today I fired up the smoker and set ablaze the AMNPS with some OAK and Cherry pellets. While that warmed up, I made the ABT's. I sliced the Jalepenos and stuffed them with Onion and chive cream cheese followed by thick slices of tiger prawns. The first time I made these, I used smaller shirmp which I chopped up and mixed into the cream cheese. This time I wanted more shirmp so I opted for the large slices. I then topped the ABT's off with a chedder peperjack cheese combo followed by some double thick cut bacon. The food went into the smoker at 12:20.. I will be sure to update this as the day progresses.

    In the mean time, here are some pictures to get by first smoke post rolling.

    The Baby Backs rubbed and ready for the smoker. I will be using the 2-2-1 method. At the end of the first 2 hours the ribs will get a heavy basting in honey before they hit the foil.


    Next are the ABT's.. Theyget about 3 hours in the smoker. This before the cheese and bacon went on..


    A good dose of cheese.


    And some bacon to top it off.


    I will update the thread in about 2 hours when the ribs are ready for the next step. Or when my next newbie post is cleard by mods. :)
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  2. adiochiro3

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    Looks like a great start!  Cant wait to see the q-view...

  3. rdknb

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    Man wheres the finished picture , looks good so far
  4. slief

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    Here is the just over 2 hour mark. Glazed with honey and ready for foil & apple juice treatment. The ABT's are still on cruise control. To be continued in about an hour when the ABT's are ready.

  5. slief

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    ABT's are done.. They came out excellent!

    Here they are at 3 hours just before a final coating of chedder pepperjack cheese.

  6. slief

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    Some more cheese melted over the top and ready to eat.. [​IMG]
  7. slief

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    Here they are after coming out of the foil. I then basted them with some Rufus Teague Blazin Hot BBQ sauce. Then another 60 or so minutes on the smoker followed by 10 on the BBQ.. They came out great! [​IMG]
  8. smokinal

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    WOO HOO the ribs look fantastic!!!

    The ABT's with the extra cheese look like the way we like them, melted cheese everywhere!!

    Great job!
  9. slief

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    Thanks guys.. I ate myself into a food coma last night! Everything came out great. The costco ribs being much more meaty and a bit more fatty came out much better than my first 2 attempts using the ribs from the meat market. I am really pleased with the results! I think I am still full from dinner last night! The ABT's were perfect. My first time I made them like this, I retained some of the seeds and innards from the Jalepenos and mixed that into the cream cheese.. They came out great then too but I paid a heavy price the following morning from the extra "heat". This time I opted to not use the seeds which has made my morning much less painful! They came out perfect.. Next time I will have to try using crab or lobster instead of shrimp just to mix things up a bit!

    Thanks again for all the great information here. All the contributions really helped insure that my smokes come out good if not great!  
  10. raptor700

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    Great job............the ribs look fantastic, and the ABT's are nice and cheezy [​IMG]

    Great Qview buddy [​IMG]
  11. fpnmf

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    Looks delicious!!


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