Baby back ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by register1, Feb 8, 2016.

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    First try at baby backs. Rubbed with mustard and homemade rub. Left overnight in fridge wrapped in plastic wrap. Had to creatively get both racks in the smoker. Smoked 3 hours then probed. It was about 160 at that time. Waited one more hour till they hit 180 then wrapped in foil with a little butter and 3 tbs water. Brought IT to 200. I then finished in broiler. They came out moist and tender. I had a good looking crust at 3 hours and am questioning the choice to wrap. They were wrapped about 2 hours.

    This is the shot at 3 hours when I probed. Notice the yin yang configuration to get them to fit in the brinkman.

    Final shot:

    Any advice/suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
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    You say they came out moist and tender so not sure what help your looking foe seems like you nailed it!
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    Those ribs really look awesome. What temp did you cook them at? I do my baby backs at 260-275*. After about 3-31/2 hour they usually have a good bend, so I leave them naked and sauce/glaze them twice at 15 and 30 minutes. I pull them and let them rest for 30 minutes and they are ready to slice and serve. Very tender and moist and have a slight tug. I never use foil and the higher temp gives the ribs a good color and good cook.

    Good luck and keep up the good smokin', Joe. Thumbs Up
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    Your ribs look fantastic!!

    Great job!!  [​IMG]

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    @Joe Black

    Hi Joe, not sure of the temp I will check with my thermometer next time. It is the brinkman gourmet, pretty old, so no temp control, and I usually pour rain water out of the bottom (gasp) each time I use it. I am getting such consistent results though that I suppose I should take better care of her and keep the rain out.

    Thanks for the reply, that is exactly what I wanted to know, if I can finish these without the foil because it does soften a nice crust and I like the crust.

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