baby back ribs?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by philip69, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. philip69

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    Not familiar with th 3 2 1 method but I believe its 3 hours smoke 2 foiled and 1 uncovered with sauce is the correct? If it is will it make the sauce a nice sticky texture aftercan hour?
  2. philip69

    philip69 Fire Starter

    Does anyone have a good sweet and spice sauce for baby backs.
  3. marshman71

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    You got it man..... Time to get your RIB on !
  4. philip69

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    When I foil to I put liquid in the foil? Ill be bbq at 240 to 250
  5. ps0303

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    Or you can spread brown sugar, honey, and butter down on both side of the ribs, foil and put back on  for 2 hrs. Then un-foil, and put back on for one more hour with some sauce on them.

    I'm doing spares right now and doing the 3 2 1 method. 
  6. philip69

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    Cool thanks I'm trying some realy weird things lol. 3 racks 3 diffrent rubs not surehow tthat's guna go off but nothing ventured nothing gained lol. I'm doing a mandarine habinaro on 1 a sweet rub on another and belive it or not a caribiean key lime. I know it would be good on chicken or fish but what the heck lol
  7. philip69

    philip69 Fire Starter

    Dam my pellet grill only has low med and high. Before on low it cooked between 240 and 250. Now thectemp is reading 200 on low. Should I turn it up or just exstend the 3 2 1? On med it would be about 300 to 350
  8. I use Earl Campbells Rib Rub. Cabellas used to sell it but now I have to get my sister in Texas to get it for me or order from web site.And for ribs I add some Cherry Jello Powder to the rub for added sweetness. smoke with cherry wood. Everyone loves them.
  9. 3-2-1 is for spares. I heard 2-2-1 is good for babys.

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