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  1. Hello all. I haven't posted for a while, but I have been doing allot of cooking lately. HAd a party last month for about 50 people. We did 20#'s of Butts, 6 racks of baby backs and about 15 lb's of sausages. Everyone loved everything! I had one pic of most if it in process. The butts were already pulled and resting. There was a piece of Samon on there too.  

    Yesterday, I got to cook for some family that was in from the West Coast. They requested Baby Backs, and I was happy to fulfill their request. Started by removing the membrane and rubbing them down good! 

    Loaded them onto the gill and started the 2-2-1 method at 225 degrees. 

    I was using a combination on Hickory and Apple for my smoke. 

    This is after I pulled them from the foil at about 4 hours.

    After letting the sauce sit for a while. Done - perfect!!! 

    Came out perfect. Just a little tug and the meat fell off the bone. Very happy with the cook and looking forward to next time. 

    Doing more Butts for New Years eve! 
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    Looks delicious!  And it reminds me that I need to pick up some ribs to smoke!

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