Baby back ribs on Valium

Discussion in 'Pork' started by chickenlips, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Evidently I hurt my back assembling my new MES 40 that arrived Friday. My wimpy muscles aren't used to lugging 70# around from the front porch to the back yard, let alone flipping and lifting same. Back spasms started the next day and got worse and worse until I ended up in the ER on Monday. Doc put me on Valium and no work for the next couple of days until the spasms go away. Now I'm stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands, no car (it's still at my dad's house where it ended up during my 6-hr ER visit), and no meat to smoke. Lo and behold, I get an email from a service called Instacart offering free delivery on my first order of groceries delivered to my home. I kept thinking about the smoker sitting outside with nothing in it and the fact that I have all day with nothing to do and I couldn't resist. I ordered a couple of racks of baby backs and a couple of chickens. Meat was delivered from HEB within the hour, the price of the service was incredibly reasonable, and now the ribs are all seasoned and headed for the smoker. This is my first try at ribs so I'm starting off with the 3-2-1 method to see what that's about. Hoping the Valium doesn't interfere with the cooking process but I won't put money on it. 

    Here's a pic of the racks headed for the smoker. Used yellow mustard as glue for the rub, using apple cider vinegar in the water tray. Using hickory for smoke as I don't have any apple which would probably be better. Will post more pics as my first attempt continues. Any hints, tips, advice are so very welcome as I'm really new to this.

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    A little advise. Dump the water pan and fill it with sand or gravel and wrap in foil. Liquid in the smoking chamber does nothing but eat heat. You could also use bricks or whatever for thermal mass. Did you season it yet? Do that too. 
  3. Timberjet has has you going in the right direction. Also Baby backs You need to do the 2-2-1 or naked with no foil. I don't use mustard or any binder. Just sprinkle on the rub and give it a little time to set. 

    Keep the pics coming and the door closed.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Thanks, guys. So, the water pan with liquid of whatever sort doesn't add moisture to meat? Or is this just the case with baby backs? Should I still use liquid in there when smoking poultry?
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    Nope no liquid required of any kind of smoke. Either leave the pan empty or do like TJ said. Make sure and foil wrap the pan or pan with whatever you have in it makes clean up a bunch easier.
  6. dirtsailor2003

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    Here's some ideas for you. I know that you can't get that smoker above 300, but you can still do as high a temp smoke as possible for your chicken to help the skin along. Do you have a good remote to probe therm? Highly recommended before your first chicken smoke.
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    I want to see if the Valium has an effect...[​IMG]   , [​IMG].
  8. Dirtsailor, the next time I try ribs I'll skip the liquid in the water pan. I already did chickens on Saturday...used the water pan and kept temp at 230°. Best chicken I've ever had. I learned that I can pull it early and throw it on a hot grill to crisp up that skin so I'm going to try that next time I make them. A big thanks for all your advice.

    Oldschoolbbq, I'm pretty sure it has as I've been slow to add hickory, wrap them, etc. Pretty sure I won't care if they taste like crap, either. 

    This is how they look after 3 hours and before I put them in foil for 2 hours. I understand the debate is hot and heavy over whether or not to foil. Reckon I need to try both before I can have an opinion on either so it's foil this first time.

  9. Kill two birds with one stone and cut some small slits in the meat like you would to add garlic cloves and put a Valium in each one.  It might throw off the taste for the first couple of bites but after that you won't notice.  Anything.

    Hope you start feeling better soon.
  10. LOL, Medic. :)
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    Good looking ribs and good luck with the back ,inversion tables do the trick for some folks w/out taking wacky pills . CM
  12. CrazyMoon, this is my first experience with back pain of any kind and crazy pills. If it gets to be a regular thing, I'll look at alternatives. Not crazy about how the meds make me muzzy.
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    The Ribs looked good. lol

    As for the Chronic pain ... I went to a pain clinic and did the Neural Stimulator thingy... works great [​IMG]
  14. I always used Flexeril and Vicodin together.  I've had two surgeries on my neck and I've had back problems from my younger days as a paramedic having to help carry fat people out of small spaces and from upstairs rooms.  I'm feeling pretty good these days though.

    Just be careful while you're on the meds.  You're likely to find a pork butt hanging on a coat rack and the remains of your smoked jacket in the smoker...
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    Actually, leaving the air damper closed on the smoker is what generates / keeps the moisture in. 

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