Baby back ribs on a snow day.

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  1. This is my first time posting a recipe so please bear with me.


    First I start with a fresh pack or ribs from cash and carry. It has 3 racks and costs about $20. i split the ribs into two rib sections and lay them out in a foil pan.


    After that I put on seasoning i prefer greek seasoning but if you can't get that in your local you can order it online because nothing is as good or universal as this in my opinion.

    Next up is putting the onions and lemons on.

    A little "Blue Fuel" to help it steam up nice.

    I start the smoker off with about 7 chunks of hickory and a small handful of electric smoker chips (dry)to start it burning faster. Also a handful of Cherry,Apple and a small handful of Pecan and Mesquite plus a little oak if i have any.

    I wrap foil around the pans before putting the in the smoker.

    Smoker up and rolling while it 26 degrees out.

    The smoker is set at right about 250 for 2 hours the turn them over and cover and smoke for another 1.5-2 hours then sauce them and turn them over sauce some more and leave uncovered in the smoker for another hour or so to bake the sauce in real good. i do add a little bit more chip at each stage for flavor and love. I will post more to this in a little while with Q view and more about the process.


    Pulled the ribs out and turned them over. Put them back in for the next round. put more wood on the remaining coals and kept on going.

    Decided to throw a little salmon on for the nephews. (They love uncle Bear's salmon.)

    More to come!!!
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    Sounds interesting, but confused why you add smoke while they are covered. My experience is that you don't get much smoke flavor on items that are wrapped in foil.
  3. the ribs aren't directly touching the foil and it is loose enough that the homeostasis of the smoker cabinet works in the flavor of the smoke and doesnt allow full smoke but i also keep constant smoke on it the full 5 hours so i want it have a constant moist smoke. if you have tips they would be appreciated.
  4. 16:00 

    poured off the liquid and sauced the ribs after flipping.  Now smoke uncovered for about an hour. pics to come.
  5. 17:30

    Pulled off the ribs

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    From my experience, the first part of your smoke can be done in an oven as the ribs aren't actually getting smoke.   Being covered with aluminum foil like that, you are essentially steaming them.    What smoke they are getting is coming during the second part when you smoke uncovered for an hour to firm them up.

    You can test this on your next smoke if you want.   Do things the exact same way, BUT, don't use any wood or smoke during the first part.  Just fire the smoker up and let it work as an oven.   Only add the smoke during the last hour and see if the ribs taste any different.

    Different strokes for different folks and all that.  If you like the finished product, that's what counts.
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  7. Sounds a bit backwards to me too, but if it tastes great to you, it is a success.

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