Baby Back Ribs (Long..sorry)

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by deafsmoker, May 28, 2011.

  1. deafsmoker

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    Hi there!!! This Monday (memorial day) I am going to be smoking 2 racks of pork baby back ribs. I must admit, I am NEROUS AS HECK doing this because it's my first time, AND I will be smoking for a great couple friends of ours. So that adds to my "nervousness".

    Here is my plan of action:

    Remove membranes from slabs.

    Going to make my KC Style Rib rub "rub" and rub down both racks and tightly wrap in saran wrap for refrigerator overnight marinating.

    Make mop (1 cup apple juice, 1 cup water, 1/4th cup apple cider)

    bring slabs out of refrig to bring to room temp

    rub another rub in

    Start up the char griller smoking pro with Royal Oak lumps

    Bring it up to 225 degrees and add hickory chunks

    Once it starts smoking...add the ribs for 2 hours naked

    spray with mop hourly

    pull at 2 hour mark and foil with mop juice and put back in for 2 more hours

    pull at 2 hour mark and put back on unfoiled

    add kc masterpice bbq sauce the last half hour to go

    Hopefully this will all turn out. will post qviews as I go (if I can remember)

    I have a lot of chicken smokes under my belt, but ribs is my next "step up". Ultimately I want to do butts one or two times.    Im nervous as heck!! Dunno why!

    What you think of my plan of action?

    will post qviews as I go on Monday (memorial day)
  2. rp ribking

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    Sounds like a well thought out plan. Good Luck!!!
  3. Sounds like a good plan to me. Just practice makes perfect. Myself I have a chargriller w/sfb and I usually jack my temp up around 275-300 and start my hickory pellets right before I put the ribs on. But I also do not take them out of the fridge for more then like 15 minutes or so before they hit the smoker.

    I find that jacking the temp up with mine works well then as it stabilizes it will be right around 225-230 after the initial drop in temp.

    I personally do not mop mine but I know folks that do and love it. I am one of those double foil and apple juice guys. Remember the more your looking the longer it takes for cookin. Good luck with your smoke you will do fine. Any questions just ask.

    Most of all just RELAX this is suppose to be fun. If it doesnt work out no harm. Just have some burgers or something as a back-up is what I do when I have a big cooking deal like that planned.
  4. smokinal

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    Sounds like a plan. Don't forget the Q-view!
  5. ecto1

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    Dude you are going to do just fine no need to be nurvous.  How thick are the baby back if they look thin you may only want to go 1.5 hours in the foil.
  6. pgsmoker64

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    Sounds like you have thought this out pretty well.  I only have one suggestion.  Instead of leaving the ribs in the foil for two hours try just one if you are smoking baby backs.  I have done tons of babybacks on both my SFB Chargriller and my new WSM and have found that the 2-1-1 method works very well if you can keep your temps around 225 - 240. 

    Like you I splash a little apple juice in when I foil, but if I leave them in the foil too long they fall apart when I try to put them back on the smoker naked.

    Good luck and have fun!
  7. deafsmoker

    deafsmoker Newbie's SOME of my Qview that I promised yall. I had "fun" experimenting on how to remove the membrane. I actually got a cut in the middle of the membrane and I was able to pull off the membrane with my fingers on both slabs. Rubbed in my KC Ribs style rub.  Changed up the mop to apple juice and liquid smoke. Tightly saran wrapped the ribs and put em in the fridge overnight for marinating. Friends  coming over after THEIR day of work and we'll have dinner at 6 or so. Figure I'll start gettin ready about 1pm central time. Here's some q'views!




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  8. cliffcarter

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    Looks good so far.

    Just a note- the larger rack may take a bit longer than the smaller.

    Good luck[​IMG]
  9. scarbelly

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    Looks good man. You are on your way to some good eats.
  10. deafsmoker

    deafsmoker Newbie

    It's on! (Pay no mind to the 175 degrees. I just use the probe for temperature readings)

  11. so ms smoker

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    Don't be nervous, it will be great!
  12. deafsmoker

    deafsmoker Newbie



  13. thebarbequeen

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    Looks and sounds good so far!  I think your friends are in for a real great dinner!
  14. deafsmoker

    deafsmoker Newbie's the Q view you've been waiting for! Ribs came out great...friends said it came out great! Finger lickin good!  One thing I COULD improve on is to make it a little more moister. It was great, but could use just a little bit more moistness in it.  Every one had 2nd's and 3rds!! Yay for me!


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  15. pgsmoker64

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    Looks great DF!!!  I had a fair amount of success with the Babybacks myself yesterday.  Check out my Q-view in the Charcoal Smoker thread...Titled Memorial Day Babybacks
  16. rp ribking

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    Darn nice lookin' ribs, very meaty, nice pull back and great smoke ring!!! 
  17. pigeyex

    pigeyex Fire Starter

    They look PERFECT, to me!  Nice bark, and look nice and juicy, too!


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